Windows Freeware Directory

WindowsXP-logoSince 2003, has been building this archive, showcasing free software submitted by our loyal readers from around the world. We hope that some of you will find something useful here such as user submitted classics like Omziff, Tiny USB Office, or Ultrashredder. For the great many folks still running Windows XP, you will find this site a great resource.




All of our award winning applications which you will find on these pages are freeware and will remain so, always. Hopefully you will find them useful for everday tasks such as data encryption and secure file deletion, or to or to recover lost Windows and MS Office product keys!

All applications which come with an installer will uninstall cleanly from the Add/Remove Programs utility in the control panel. Other applications, such as the completely portable USB portable applications TimeSentry, Omziff, or Subpad, for example, come in a zip format. To uninstall those ones, simply delete their directories. All© software is free of limitations, adware, spyware


is a USB portable, simple, ultra secure file encryption software as well as a password generator, file splitter and secure file deletion software!


is an alternative to Windows notepad, with dozens of useful and unique functions.

XP SysPad

recovers lost Windows & MS-Office product keys, performs system monitoring, application launcher, and access to the hidden applications of Microsoft Windows XP


is a lightweight notepad clone with all of the features of Windows notepad, with just a few extras added.


is a relatively small alternative rich text editor, a completely USB portable application, that saves .doc files, inserts images and more.


is a secure file deletion utility that shreds files by overwriting them with random characters bypassing the recycle bin.