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Spam Terrier

Agnitum Spam Terrier is a free antispam software which protects your inbox from spam – the junk emails you don’t need or want. Generic drugs. Replica watches. Low-interest loans. Porn. Nigerian bank fraud. Paypal and eBay account updates that demand your passwords. Research indicates that 90 percent of all email is spam. Spam Terrier is a trainable, heuristics-based anti-spam tools that plug into Outlook and Outlook Express.


Spamato is an extendable spam filter system for Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail, written in Java. It exists in different flavors and runs on various platforms. When Spamato detects a spam messages, it moves the message to a special ‘junk mail’ folder. Thus, you are able to review Spamato’s decisions. Simply by clicking a button in your mail client, you can report undetected spam messages and/or revoke messages wrongly branded as spam. Additional graphical statistics explain the efficiency of every single filter as well as the overall effectiveness of the whole system.


BounceBully sends a spammer a message that’s the equivalent of “Return to Sender. Address Unknown.” Bounce spam messages back to the spammers who sent them. Make them think your email address is invalid. Spammers who receive these bounced messages may be encouraged to remove you from their spam lists because they think your email address is not active. Punish spammers by sending a “hit” to there website that does not produce money for them. Find out where in the world your latest spam message came from.

ChoiceMail Free

ChoiceMail Free is a powerful anti-spam software that delivers permission based email security for any POP email accounts, mailing lists and newsletters. It can be integrated into any email client with full support for whitelists/blacklists, and stops spam dead in its tracks. (the free version appends a “ChoiceMail Free” to the end of your messages…)

X-Ray Mail Assistant

X-Ray Mail Assistant is an email header filter and POP/SMTP server switching tool. It runs as a local POP/SMTP relay server and scans your incoming and/or outgoing mail for user specified mail headers. Once it finds a match it can change the header, remove it, replace it or perform some other special modifications. In addition, the program allows you to set up multiple profiles for POP and SMTP servers and switch between them from the system tray.


SpamExperts is an antispam filter intercepting e-mail before it reaches your POP3 or IMAP compatible e-mail client. Several new technologies are combined to ensure optimal performance. Only limited initial training is required from the user. Easy to use interface. Now you can be spam free with SpamExperts. SpamExperts now supports Cyrillic characters!

Ella for Spam Control

Ella for Spam Control has unique adaptive learning technology filters which organize incoming email messages, so you can regain control of your inbox! You train Ella in five minutes or less by showing it examples of your messages and in which folder you want it to put similar messages as they arrive. Ella analyzes over 100 attributes of each message, looking for related patterns. Based on this sophisticated “associative memory” model, it determines how to sort your incoming messages. Ella continues to learn and adapt to your needs as it processes more email. Ella gets smarter over time – so smart that many customers report accuracy rates approaching 100%. (note: after 10 days, you will be prompted for whether you wish to continue to use it for free and if so Ella will add a brief signature to your outbound email)

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