email clients

iScribe – added 5/21/2004

iScribe is a small and fast email client that lets you send, receive and manage email without fuss. The user interface is familiar and easy to use. The major internet protocols for email are supported: POP3, [E]SMTP, MIME, IMAP4 (fetch only), MAPI (fetch, win32) and viewing of HTML mail. Also included is an intergrated Contact database and Calendar.

Eudora – added 31/05/2002

This powerful email client searches thousands of messages in seconds. It specifies multiple search criteria and specific folders and mailboxes to be searched. Also it imports other email applications to Eudora email.

Qm – added 3/5/2003

Qm is an extremely small, fast email client for sending POP E-mail. Its size and flexibility make it ideal for those times you want to quickly send messages or files without starting a large E-mail suite.

Pegasus Mail – added 10/23/2003

Pegasus Mail represents the culmination of a huge reworking of the entire Pegasus Mail system – practically no part of the program’s user interface has not been modified and brought up-to-date in some way. The aim of the redevelopment process was to improve the usability, style and appearance of the program without sacrificing any of its proven reliability or personality. Pegasus Mail can now display practically all HTML content, and can compose HTML messages containing tables, graphics, hyperlinks and more.

Foxmail – added 10/18/2003

Foxmail is one of the most popular Internet email clients, more than 3 million people in more than 20 countries are using Foxmail to handle their email everyday. Foxmail uses the Hotmail proxy to receive email from Hotmail as POP3 server. It allows for support of POP accounts, and lets you check your Hotmail accounts too. Its integrated WYSIWIG tool crafts nice HTMl emails and templates. Foxmail has its own native SMTP server, so you send mail without going through your ISP.

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