email utilities

RSVME – added 6/19/2005

RSVME is an application that integrates with Outlook and other email packages, and makes obtaining feedback from people a snap! You can quickly and easily put together a questionnaire on any subject, from the best time for soccer practice to who’s bringing what food to a party. Then select names out of your address book you want to send the questionnaire to, and send.

Mailinfo – added 8/23/2004

Make sure the emails you send are not lost. Mailinfo makes your email more dependable by letting you know that the email you send is received.

Vemail – added 7/2/2004

Vemail is software that lets you record and send voice messages instead of text using ordinary email. How Vemail works: To send a voice message with Vemail simply enter an email address and then press and hold down f6 while speaking. When you have finished recording, the message will be compressed and sent as an email automatically.

Imap Checker – added 11/27/2002

IMAP Checker is a program that checks your IMAP mail account. It displays an icon in the Windows system tray when you have new mail.

Governmail – added 9/7/2000

Easily locate government representative websites and email representatives. GovernMail is an application by AcroVista Software which links people to government representatives around the world. The program features specialized sections for the US Senate and House. Users can view representative home pages or email Senate and House members from GovernMail’s complete listings.

Picante Multimedia Email – added 1/4/2001

Spice Up Your E-Mail with Picante. Picante will heat up your e-mails with pictures, sound, slides, video clips, colorful labels, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents embedded directly in your e-mail message. The recipients of your Picante message see it just as it was created, without having to deal with multiple attachments or plug-ins. Picante transforms normal e-mails into eye-catching, multimedia-rich messages, with no painful learning curve. Perfect for creating your own mulimedia e-greeting cards, sending pictures across the net, and sharing your music with friends.

Decode Shell Extension Version – added 1/27/2002

Decode Sheel Ext allows you to decode Internet email attachments simply by right-clicking on a saved message file from Explorer and selecting Decode from the menu. Decode Shell Extension is for Windows 95/98/ME NT/2000/XP.

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