pop software

PopTray – added 4/2/2004

PopTray has now become a full-featured e-mail notifier, but keeping its ease of use. Main features include: unlimited number of accounts, show number of messages directly on the trayicon (rotating between accounts), rules (with wildcards) that identify a message according to your criteria, and quickly preview a message and print/reply/delete from there.

Mailmoa – added 8/20/2002

Mailmoa is a system tray based e-mail notification utility that supports unlimited accounts (both POP3 and some popular Web-based accounts, including Hotmail.com, Lycos.com, E-mail.com, Mail.com, Usa.com, Usa.net, Daum.net, Lycos.co.kr) and shows all the mail content for all the different accounts fast without mouse clicking(Quick View function).Mailmoa also supports SPAM filtering function.

Checkp3 – added 8/20/2002

POP3 email checker, supports infinite mail servers, IMAP4, Hotmail as well as firewall support. Use .ini file or registry to install, and it comes with debug window to check interaction between server and CheckP3.

Get Mail – added 12/22/2003

Get Mail is a mail forwarding program that started life because of the lack of POP availability for Hotmail. From these humble beginnings it has evolved into a flexible Hotmail/Pop mail directing program.

MailMon – added 2/12/2004

MailMon allows you to automatically delete mail messages from your POP server that match specified criteria. You can filter based on subject line, sender, specific words in the message text and also by attachment type and size. If a message meets any of the defined criteria, it will be deleted from the server (be careful when defining the criteria).

PP Mailcheck – added 3/17/2004

POP3 Mail checker with spam filter, that has a choice of notification methods. Multi-lingual support.

Motivation – added 1/17/2007

Motivation is a free program that allows you to store and access any type of file, in any format using your current e-mail account. It uses your POP3 email address or IMAP email address to allow you to store files remotely on Google’s Gmail, AIM Mail, and any IMAP or POP email account.

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