text messaging

ComBOTS – added 4/27/2007

ComBOTS is a multipurpose communication software that features Chat (Rich media chat), VoIP (Free VoIP calls), Text Messaging (Virtually unlimited attachments), File Transfer (Send files up tp 1 GB per file), High quality animated 3D Characters and much more.

GoText – added 2/15/2007

The GoText text messaging software lets you send free text messages from your PC. GoText features an address book, a data importing function, recent numbers list, multiple recipients support, command line support , and the ability to send messages without including your real name. If your message is to big, no problem, as GoText will automatically send your message in multiple parts if it is too big for a single text message!

jSMSEngine – added 1/27/2006

jSMSEngine is an Java API package, which will allow you to send and receive SMS messages from your PC, with the use of a mobile phone or a GSM modem.