3D graphics

Flying-Model-Simulator – added 8/31/2005

Flying-Model-Simulator is an 3D simulation of an RC simulator for remote control helicopters and airplanes. The simulator shows one virtual world which uses 7 airplanes and 2 helicopter models, as well as biplane and glider models. There is 3D collision dectection with all objects on the landscape and many more realistic features!

Gmax – added 8/30/2005

Autodesk’s Gmax is a 3D modeling and animation software that’s based on award-winning Autodesk 3ds Max software. Built for gamers to create their own in-game content for Gmax ready games, a gamer can produce everything from characters and vehicles to landscapes and props. Not only do you get to customize your games, you also learn 3D design within a professional-level tool.

Chaoscope – added 8/25/2005

Chaoscope is a 3D strange attractors rendering software. The word “Chaoscope” was invented by Ralph Abraham to describe computer tools used to help comprehending dynamic systems, a superset of the strange attractors. Chaoscope applies various rendering modes to different attractors, such as lorenz, polynomials, julia, etc.

Aqsis – added 8/23/2005

Aqsis is a high quality, photorealistic, 3D rendering solution. It complies with the Renderman interface standard defined by Pixar. Aqsis comprises a command line rendering tool, a tool for compiling shaders in the RSL language, a tool for preparing textures for optimal use, and various developer libraries to enable integration with third party tools. Aqsis is licensed under the GPL license, with some parts under the LGPL.

Toxic – added 8/22/2005

toxic is a physically correct global illumination renderer aiming to produce photorealistic images and animations. toxic’s goal is to provide artists with a powerful rendering tool which is actively maintained, developed and extended. toxic’s main feature is physical correctness. toxic has been designed and developed from the ground up with physical correctness in mind. From scene specification to final rendering, all quantities are expressed in physical units.

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