CAD graphing

yEd – Java Graph Editor – added 4/19/2005

yEd is a powerful graph editor that is written entirely in the Java programming language. It can be used to quickly generate drawings and apply automatic layouts to all kinds of diagrams and networks.

A9CAD – added 10/17/2005

A9CAD is a general purpose 2-dimensional CAD drawing viewing and editing program with a familiar Windows graphical user interface. It supports industry standard DWG & DXF drawing formats up to DWG/DXF 2000, and allows for viewing and editing of entity attributes via properties window.

EasyDraw – added 10/16/2005

EasyDraw is an interactive tutorial ideal for beginning AutoCAD users, adopting an easy-to-understand step-by-step approach yet with enough depth to help you master AutoCAD at your own pace and in record time!

ViSta – added 10/8/2005

ViSta, the Visual Statistics System, features statistical visualizations that are highly dynamic and very interactive. ViSta constructs very-high-interaction, dynamic graphics that show you multiple views of your data simultaneously. The graphics are designed to augment your visual intuition so that you can better understand your data. ViSta has a Structured Graphical Interface that includes WorkMaps that visually summarize your data analysis session, SpreadPlots – a spreadsheet-like arrangement of linked, dynamic, interactive plots that show you what your data or analysis seems to say, and more.

Euler – added 10/6/2005

Euler is a powerful numerical laboratory with a programming language. The system can handle real, complex and interval numbers, vectors and matrices. It can produce 2D/3D plots. Included is a programming language. Euler comes with Yacas, a computer algebra system. So one can combine symbolic and fast numeric programming.

Grapher – added 10/6/2005

Grapher is a program that generates interactive graphs in any dimension. It can view graphs with depth perception, export graphs to bitmap, text, or AutoDesk files, and can highlight any point on the graph to help find it. Multiple coordinate systems are also supported (Cartesian, spherical, polar, cylindrical).

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