CAD graphing

CAD X11 – added 6/13/2005

CAD X11 is a Windows based mechanical CAD system ideally suited for engineers to create three-dimensional models and two-dimensional manufacturing drawings. The product will run on PCs running Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0, ME, 98 or 95. CAD X11 include 3-D wireframe modeling, surfacing, OpenGL, Direct3D and Gouraud smooth shading, custom IGES and DXF, 2-D drafting with ANSI, ISO and JIS dimensioning, geometric tolerancing, TrueType Font support, undo/redo, multiple views, data verification, geometric analysis, crosshatching, layering, CGM format I/O, PDF output, Gerber format I/O and on-line HELP.

Diagrams – added 6/12/2005

Diagrams is a program to draw diagrams and flowcharts. Features: sticky shape connectors (single and multiple segment) ; custom shape data; printing with preview; predefined shapes for: Flow, UML, digital and process diagrams; user-defined shapes with visual shape designer; scripted html reports on custom shape data. Diagrams also has gradient fills, curved connector, polygon shape, arc, arrow shapes; diagram explorer.

Visual Thought – added 6/11/2005

Visual Thought is a diagramming and flow chart tool. If you’ve ever had to use Visio or Rational Rose in a “brainstorming” kind of way you will apperciate the srtaightforward design and usability if Visual Thought. For the various program features, such as rich selection, text and drawing tools, Visual Thought has a relatively modest size.

Cadstd Lite – added 1/14/2005

Cadstd is a user friendly CAD design program for creating professional quality mechanical designs, house plans, blueprints, schematics and charts utilizing ANSI drawing standards.

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