color pickers

ColorPic – added 7/2/2005

Ever tried using a color picker on a high resolution monitor? It’s impossible. That’s why this color picker has a magnifier attached. Grab palettes of up to 16 colors at once and use four advanced color mixers to select a spectrum of possibilities.

Colour Selector – added 4/10/2004

Colour Selector is an application for selecting, mixing and previewing colours, intended primarily for Web developers as it deals directly in HTML hexadecimal colours. It features several colour selection and display modes, can copy and paste HTML colours, and supports drag and drop.(MAC and Win)

Absolute Color Picker – added 4/10/2004

Absolute Color Picker is an enhanced and improved color selection dialog which can be used by designers for selecting any true colors using different color models. Apart of conventional, built-in color picker dialog (MFC CColorDialog, TColorDialog and the like) features, Absolute Color Picker offers a number of unique extensions.

Koysoftware Color Selector – added 6/2/2005

Color Selector is an awesome little app that lets you find any color’s values in HTML, RGB, HSL, CMY, Hex or Octal formats. With it, you can analyze any color you like, and capture it to the clipboard.

Colourificator – added 6/2/2005

Colourificator is a small tool which should help web developer’s and programmers quickly and easily locate colour codes. It allows you to adjust RGB levels to reach exactly the tone you want, or pick a colour from anywhere on screen using the eyedropper, while showing hex values for the web, long integer values, and various other formats.

Kolorgenerator – added 6/2/2005

Kolorgenerator (colors generator) is a tool designed especially for people working with colors. Can be usefull for programmers and webmasters as well as “usual” people wanting to choose right color for desktop :). It has simply interface and user friendly tooltips system, in only a few minutes, you can discover all of its functions.

PagePainter – added 6/2/2005

PagePainter is a web page Color Scheme Editor. Its purpose is to help you to choose colors for you web pages. You can open your web page in PagePainter and edit its colors directly by clicking on elements on the web page to change their colors to colors chosen from the color palette. Colors chosen from the color palette are added to swatch cards and then collected in a swatch book. Swatch books are taken to the PagePainter Browser where colors are selected from the swatch book and applied to a web page. Swatch books containing preferred colors and their hexadecimal codes can be saved for future use.

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