color pickers

ColorMania – added 6/2/2005

Color Picker for easy selection and modification of colors, with the following features: interactively change RGB and HSV values, eyedropper / screen magnifier, color display in different formats, intuitive interface, and uninstall support.

Quick Colour Picker – added 6/2/2005

Quick Colour Picker is a colour picking program packed with features. Quick Colour Picker gives you more than just the ability to pick colours. This rich program allows you to save your colours to lists, organize them, name them user friendly names, and then use them to gradient colour and gradient size your HTML text for use as titles for your web pages. Snap a picture from your desktop or grab a bitmap from your clipboard, Quick Colour Picker will allow you to pick colours from almost anywhere! Create colours for your HTML document background, text, and links.

SmartColor – added 6/2/2005

SmartColor is the cool, universal, powerful easy-to-use, over-engineered (?) color picker for Windows. Supports RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and photoshop-compatible HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) color modes.

CPick – added 6/2/2005

CPick gets colors from your screen with its build in magnifier. It can zoom from a magnification from 1 to 10. Modify colors with the RGB or HSV slide bars. Copy the color to the clipboard as Hex, Decimal, RGB or HSV value. Direct changing the RGB and HSV values. Store used colors on the visible stacks or add them to a color list visible in the color combo box, creating your own color lists for your projects. Copy the screen behind the magnifier to the clipboard as Bitmap. Save magnifier image as: Icon or Bitmap.

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