digital imaging tools

Recolored – added 1/30/2006

Recolored is a software application that helps you with the otherwise difficult and time consuming task of colorizing black and white photos. Based on the latest developments in computer assisted image colorization, Recolored makes it possible for anyone to achieve professional looking results. o add color to a photo, all you have to do is add markings to the different regions of the image, indicating how it should be colorized. Then click the Colorize button and let the software do the rest. (this beta version might expire soon, as they are planning a commercial version)

Stitch – added 1/7/2006

Stitch is a free program for making cross stitch designs. With it you can visualize what certain color combinations will look like in a tile pattern that you may be creating for any number of uses. Printing the layout pattern created by Stitch, you can see what your project will look like. It has all the essential functions in a bitmap editor, like color palettes, image import, and custom patterns.

ImageWiz – added 12/10/2005

ImageWiz is a Free Windows program that can resize and add captions to your image files from a digital camera. You can also add the current Date to the captions.

Flipbook Printer – added 12/1/2005

Flipbook Printer is a program that lets you make your own printed “Flipbooks” from avi movie files using business cards. Makes a great present – have the kids send a flipbook of them waving hello to the grandparents, or send your loved one a movie of you smiling or blowing them a kiss. It’s the ultimate in low-tech movie making!

mosascii m2 – added 11/7/2005

mosascii m2 is an application that converts an image into an HTML mosaic made out of ASCII characters. The HTML mosaics look just like the original image except they are created out of colored ASCII characters. mosascii m2 has lots of features, such as image actions and effects, and more!

PicSizer – added 10/26/2005

PicSizer is a utility designed specifically to generate screen-friendly versions of high-resolution images. It offers a quick and intuitive way to resize images individually and in batches. It was created with owners of digital cameras in mind, but it can also be very useful to designers and other people who work with images on a daily basis. PicSizer reads and writes several popular image formats, and outputs to any dimensions between 1 and 1024 pixels.

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