digital imaging tools

url2bmp – added 8/14/2005

url2bmp is a stand-alone Windows program which converts an URL to an image. It writes BMP, PNG, Jpeg or Tiff and supports accurate image reduction.

Splitz! – added 8/10/2005

Splitz! allows you to split any image into rectangular parts and export the resulting images along with the HTML table that puts them back together. This allows webmaster to create for creating mouseover effects and offers an alternative to imagemaps. It supports many images formats and includes smart JPEG compression as well as basic color balancing filters.

jhead – added 7/17/2005

jhead is a Exif Jpeg camera setting parser and thumbnail remover which can parse, extract and modify data out of Exif/Jpeg images. The program has commandline options as well.

Exifer – added 7/16/2005

Exifer is a software with which you can manage the metadata (EXIF/IPTC) of pictures taken by digital cameras. Because many image processing software destroys this metadata when saving such files, the idea was to create a backup of the metadata before editing it in any software, and then, after that to restore it back into the processed file. With Exifer you can do this very easily.

PIXresizer – added 7/7/2005

PIXresizer is a photo resizing program to easily create web and e-mail friendly versions of your images with reduced file sizes. The reduced files are saved in a different folder, so your original images are not altered at all. PIXresizer offers several different resizing methods to choose from and can automatically recognize image sizes to calculate the best fit. In addition, it can convert between image formats (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF), rotate images, convert to grayscale and resize multiple images in batch mode.

Sequentialize – added 7/8/2005

Sequentialize is a utility that can help manage large image collections by renaming entire folders of files to a sequential numbering scheme. Sequentialize also helps to maintain the numbering scheme when files are added or removed from the collection.

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