digital imaging tools

Shoestring’s Picture Dicer – added 8/30/2003

PictureDicer is a tool that chops any image file into several smaller images, suitable for creating mouseover effects and pseudo-imagemaps on Web pages. It also generates the HTML for a table to contain the partial images and display them so they appear as the original uncut image. This version will accept and output Windows .BMP, .DIB, .GIF, .JPG, .PCX, .TGA and .TIF files.

Picture Shark – added 7/8/2002

Picture-shark gives you the ability to watermark and copyright your picture galleries. You can use logos, text or any other images. With its wizardlike interface you can easily create impressive results. Picture-shark processes hundrets of pictures each minute. It supports transparence and realtime preview. The unique feather feature generates smart edges with one click.

DeKnop – added 12/31/2003

DeKnop (dutch for “The Button”) is a graphics editor that is designed to let you create buttons for your web site without requiring any graphic design exerience. It provides an easy to use step-by-step interface that lets you select the text, font style, color, 3D bevel, size and many other aspects. You can preview any changes that you make as it takes place, so it is easy to experiment a little until you decide on a design you like. It offers support for automatic up/down effects for use in mouseover java scripts as well as gradients and more. Files can be saved in PNG format

EXIF Image Viewer – added 2/21/2005

EXIF viewer is a simple image viewer application for photos taken with digital cameras. It’s capable of reading EXIF information embedded in photos as well as little thumbnail. Because small thumbnail is already present in most photos displaying it is really fast. EXIF viewer can also provide detailed information about photos (shutter speed, aperture, etc.) and conveniently list them for comparison purposes.

Reptile – added 6/2/2005

Reptile is an application that lets you create funky textures and gradients, via three algorhytms. Besides generating a range of shapes and surfaces, the program also features a way to color the textures to achieve the look and feel you require. You can use your creations in your Web page backgrounds, on your Windows desktop, or in completely new uses you invent. Recent improvements have added the ability to change the brightness and contrast of your patterns, and a gradient “Drift” function for flowing textures, and you can now export your animation using either GIF or AVI format.

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