flash software

Wink – added 3/12/2005

Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc). It generates its output in Macromedia Flash Format. Using Wink you can capture screenshots of your software, use images that you already have, type-in explanations for each step, create a navigation sequence complete with buttons, delays, titles etc and create a highly effective tutorial for your users.

SciTE|Flash – added 5/17/2004

SciTE|Flash is a a Scintilla-based ActionScript editor. It features custom settings optimized for ActionScript editing, an API file, used for “code hints”, and the ability to export/test movies without ever leaving SciTE|Flash!

Flash Catcher – added 9/10/2002

There are many funny flash Animation files in the web pages,but you can’t save them into your hard disk directly. Flash Catcher is designed to address this problem for you. With Flash Catcher,you can download a Flash File(.swf) just two clicks. Saving Flash can be as easy as saving a Picture. With only two clicks, you can download your favorite Flash animations easily.

GIF2SWF – added 4/8/2003

Simple, it will process any static (one picture) or animated GIF (many pictures that are called frames) to the SWF format (Shockwave) which is the format for the FLASHâ„¢ Movies. It also maintains the file size of the original image. And it allows you to embed unremovable links to your Movies. So you can convert Banners, Icons, Link Buttons, etc.

Flashforge – added 8/30/2003

FlashForge, the well known and popular screensaver creator, converts your Macromedia Flash files into a screensaver plus an installer. And, FlashForge is able to compress your screensaver installer. This compressed installer is ideal for web- delivery. All the end-user needs to do is double-click the downloaded file in order to install your screensaver. Plus; real movie preview, automatic opening of the display properties, and screensaver uninstaller.

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