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Font Lister – added 9/25/2005

Font Lister is a freeware program that could be useful if you have hoards of fonts that you do not know what they all look like. You can use it to quickly see what fonts which are available to applications. Rather than spend ages with your word processors trying to find that one fancy font by name you can now figure out the name in a matter of seconds.

FontView – added 9/19/2005

FontView is a tiny program which shows all installed fonts on your system in one window. It makes it easy to see all of the fonts in contrast against each other.

X-Fonter – added 8/24/2005

The last version of X-Fonter before it went shareware is here for download. X-Fonter manages the install, uninstall, load, unload, compare, and preview of all of your system fonts. It supports TrueType, OpenType, Postscript Type 1, Raster, Vector font types, and also allows you to make nice 3D graphics! X-Fonter also has an ASCII and Unicode Character map, image editor, and print font overview.

FontLoader – added 6/3/2005

FontLoader is a new and revolutionary utility to make your font installing chores a snap. FontLoader consists of two magic modules: A shell context menu extension that allows users to load/unload/install and uninstall fonts directly by right-clicking on a font file or folder containing fonts. This avoids the painful font installation routine that Windows offers by default and allows you to intuitively load/unload fonts. Useful for both novice and professional computer users. And also a font group loader in system tray. Users can build their own font groups to load on demand, just by clicking on the program icon in the system tray area near the clock. The group loader module is small (only around 70 KB) so it does not take much of your system resources and loads fast on startup. Useful mostly to professional users and graphics artists.

Font Xplorer Lite – added 6/3/2005

Font Xplorer Lite is little brother of our full-featured Font Xplorer program. It contains only a subset of Font Xplorer’s functionality, but it is still a fully functional font viewer program.

The Font Thing – added 6/2/2005

The Font Thing is a program for managing TrueType fonts. It can browse installed and uninstalled fonts, and browse fonts in subfolders as a single combined list, as well as perform any font maintenance imaginable.

DoubleType – added 6/10/2004

DoubleType is an open source graphical typeface designer that builds TrueType font files. Glyphs are stored in XML based file to aid collaboration using existing tools such as CVS.

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