image editors

The GIMP – added 4/19/2004

The GIMP does everything from advanced painting to image manipulation. Every concievable format is supported; gif,jpg,png,tiff etc. It also has advanced export optimization capabilities. While not really an graphics editor like a paint program, the GIMP is more of a sophisticated image manipulator. A substantial part of its work involves script-fu generated logos, backgrounds etc.

Pixia – added 6/6/2003

The original Japanese Edition was created and developed by the author, Isao Maruoka, but has also been aggressively raised by its fans, which makes this software to be quite unique and different from other tools. The program is basically an essential paint program with a very intuitive gui.

Serif Photoplus – added 06/09/2004

Photoplus is an older version of Serif’s PhotoPlus program that enables you to edit, optimize, and manipulte any image for home, school, work or just for fun. The export optimization features are among the best I have come across, giving you the greatest amount of flexibility in choosing which format, and file size, image quality, color values, etc. used. It features the usual vector and raster sizing, and cropping tools and besides all the color and layer pallettes, this app has a very good text adding wizard.

Zpaint Version – added 1/3/2003

Forget your button maker! This software for creating 3D-looking elements for websites and software interfaces is much more flexible. Easily paint raised or lowered shapes such as buttons, rings, boxes… or add those effects to existing graphics. Color/texture selection, adjustable extrusion depth, gloss and other effects. Good if used with another slicing program to make good navbars & buttons and as an add-on compliment for an image viewer.

Orange Photo Editor – added 9/18/2004

Orange Photo Editor is an useful program that allows you to view, manage and publish photos on your website. It create thumbnails, resize photos and generate HTML pages.

ForceVision – added 3/4/2005

ForceVision is a powerful tool to view, edit and image format converting. It includes more than 30 filters and effects, supports batch conversion, 36 different file formats, slide shows, etc.

Foto-Mosaik – added 9/6/2005

Foto-Mosaik creates mosaic-pictures, which are composed of many small pictures (tiles), from your own photos. The individual tiles, from which the mosaic-picture will be created, can be selected at random. After analysis, Foto-Mosaik puts them into one or multiple databases. As a basis you can grab the pictures from your private collection, or from a photo-cd.

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