image viewers

Image Enhance – added 3/27/2004

Image Enhance is a small bitmap editor (.bmp and .jpeg) that can you can use to apply effects to your images or enhance them. Among other things, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpen the image, convert it to grayscale or even apply an old photo effect.

FocusViewer – added 2/25/2004

FocusViewer is an image viewer and browser that supports most popular graphic formats including bmp, dib, jpeg, gif, animated gif, pcx, tiff and tga. In addition to the viewer options, it allows you to create contact sheets, view slideshows, attach (optimized) images to emails and take screen captures.

Pixie – added 5/4/2006

Pixie is a terrific little slideshow image viewer for displaying your image collections in a small, resizable desktop window. Select an existing folder (’My Pictures’ is the default) and Pixie will start a slideshow of the images in that folder and its subfolders.

JetPhoto – added 1/6/2006

JetPhoto is a full-featured freeware to store, organize, view and share digital photos, as well as publish photo albums onto Web. JetPhoto contains a Mac/Windows desktop software – JetPhoto Studio, and a PHP-based Web service software – JetPhoto Server. It’s easy to use JetPhoto Studio to create and organize photo albums on user’s personal computer. Once the photo album is prepared, only One-Click is needed to synchronize desktop photo album with online photo album based on JetPhoto Server.

Wega2 Imageviewer – added 1/6/2006

Wega2 Imageviewer is a high quality image viewer for digital cameras with build in resampling filters. Wega2 includes some handy additional tools to compare images and analyze exif data with the build in exposure plot program. Besides the basic options such as the viewer, slideshow and thumbnail view, the program has a lot of other useful options like a pixel magnifier, quick compare tool, histogram tool, favorite folders, batch rename, resampling filters, shutter speed sort, and lots more!

imgSeek – added 12/29/2005

imgSeek is a photo collection manager and viewer with content-based search and many other features. The query is expressed either as a rough sketch painted by the user or as another image you supply (or an image in your collection). The searching algorithm makes use of multiresolution wavelet decomposition of the query and database images. You simply draw a rough sketch of what you want to find and imgSeek displays for you a thumbnail view of the best matches.

CDisplay – added 12/27/2005

CDisplay is a sequential image viewer that loads JPEG, PNG and static GIF images which are automatically ordered and presented for viewing one at a time or two at a time. You can page through the images sequentially and scroll around pages with single key presses. CDisplay features automatic page sizing: none; fit to screen, fit to width of screen, fit to width of screen if oversized, display at specific height, or display two pages. The resizing uses Lanczos interpolation for best picture quality and automatic colour balance and yellow reduction.

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