photo album software

TGP Rip – added 1/22/2009

TGP Rip is a small application that automatically downloads all the full size images on a thumbnail gallery post to your computer’s hard disk. All you have to enter the URL of the Gallery and where you want the images saved on your hard-disk into TGP Rip and in a few seconds TGP Rip will have stored all the images to your computers hard-disk drive, ready for you to archive, burn to CD, etc.

HTML Album – added 4/26/2007

HTML Album is an image gallery creation software that creates picture albums by browsing through a directory tree, making thumbnails and creating html pages based on your template HTML files.

WebShot – added 11/23/2006

WebShot is a program that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites. It comes with a command line interface for advanced users. The following image formats are supported JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP.

Imgindex – added 11/8/2006

Imgindex will generate html index pages for your collection of images. It will scan the current directory and all it’s subdirectories for images, and generate index.m files. After that, all you have to do is run my htmlincl program, and presto, the index is ready. The index will be sorted by image size, and uses my imginfo program to get more information about an image.

Galleroo – added 9/20/2006

Galleroo is a web image gallery, or web album, creator for Windows (NT, 2000 and XP) with a unique preview feature and support for movies and annotation. It provides an easy and quick way to automatically create thumbnail web galleries. Built both for the novice and the advanced webmaster, Galleroo is bundled with ready made gallery layouts and provides an easy way to create custom gallery layouts using HTML or XSL templates.

iWebAlbum – added 6/6/2006

iWebAlbum is a free program which allows you to create great-looking web photo albums with just a couple of clicks from a wizard-style interface that can be viewed on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera.

Gallery FX – added 5/1/2006

Gallery FX is a photo gallery software to create large HTML galleries in a few clicks. You only need to know a few basic HTML rules to create your own galleries, even if you want to customize them.

Album Burger – added 4/22/2006

Album Burger makes it possible to create as many photograph albums as you wish and you can add as many pages and photographs to complete your category. In addition to this, you can classify, identify, comment and classify each album, each page and each photograph. The tools integrated within this program, make it possible for you to search, view, export, import, publish, create a web site, send an e-mail, and more.

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