photo album software

FxFoto – added 6/21/2004

FxFoto is a single tool to organize, archive, enhance, and create collages with your digital photos. FxFoto automaticaly imports photographs from your digital camera and arranges them in chronological folders.

Firegraphic – added 10/25/2005

Firegraphic is digital imaging management software designed for people who need to work with digital images every day. Firegraphic helps you to acquire, organize, view, edit, and print images faster and easier than ever. With Firegraphic, you can import and rename photos from digital cameras in one step; create portfolios and organize your photos in categories; play slide shows of your photo collections; open multiple viewers and compare photos side-by-side; print photos the way you want and save paper with advanced print options; the customizable toolbar can suit your daily working needs.

IMage CATalog - added 6/16/2004

Versatile thumbnailer capable of processing multiple directories with one push of a button. It features two modes: Express and Advanced. Advanced mode offers variable-driven design environment, providing for minimum limitations. Express mode offers a set of easy-to-use controls, including integrated preview, to help customize page look and feel.

PiVi – added 9/12/2004

With PiVi, you can easily view photographs, e-mail them to friends, resize them, change their format and more with this cool image viewer.

Web Album Generator – added 10/9/2004

Publishing your photographs to the Internet has never been easier! Simply drag-and-drop your digital photos onto Web Album Generator, give them optional titles and captions, select your favourite colour scheme and generate.

JAlbum – added 4/4/2004

Jalbum is a java application that makes photo albums of your digital images. JAlbum will process your images, make index pages and slide show pages and even upload the final album to the Internet for your friends to see.

Thotor – added 07/23/2004

tool for generating thumbnails of photos and index.html files for these thumbnails with links to the original photos or to html-pages containing the photos.

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