music education freeware

orDrumbox – added 9/4/2005

orDrumbox is a software drum machine on a desktop application. A fully-featured drum machine and audio sequencer designed to a creative pattern-based way of drum programming. You can compose music and beats with this new generation of sound tracker.

GNU LilyPond – added 8/28/2005

GNU LilyPond is a software program for typesetting sheet music . It uses a simple ASCII notation for music, which is then compiled into TeX with embedded PostScript . The PostScript output can then be used to produce printable files or images. Unlike programs such as Finale and Sibelius , which feature a graphical user interface for entering notes, LilyPond focuses on producing beautiful output, comparable to professionally engraved scores.

EasyChord – added 8/22/2005

EasyChord is a guitar chord dictionary – and maybe the worlds most simple one – for standard tuned six-string guitars. Just run the program and choose a chord. EasyChord may be simple but it is yet a powerful tool for the beginning or intermediate guitarist.

MidiNotate Player – added 6/13/2005

Convert MIDI files to sheet music with MidiNotate Player, which transcribes MIDI to notation better than even the most expensive notation programs. Convert MIDI (.mid) and Karaoke (.kar) files to sheet music with amazing accuracy. View the music and lyrics on the screen as the notes play, and even print the music at any font size.

Guitar and Drum Trainer – added 5/31/2005

Guitar and Drum Trainer is the perfect tool to help you improve your playing. Whether you play guitar, bass, drums, piano, keyboards, oboe, violin – it doesn’t matter – GDT can help you. You can slow down music to play along and practice difficult passages or to figure out and transcribe music. You can also transpose music by pitch shifting and play in any key you want.

DrumFlow – added 5/29/2005

The DrumFlow is powerful drum sequencer. DrumFlow has build-in Drum Setup editor (for GS or XG MIDI). DrumFlow allows you to create custom percussion parts with adjustable drums and then to export these parts to your MIDI editor (e.g. Cakewalk or Cubase) through the clipboard or MIDI file.

HammerHead – added 5/29/2005

HammerHead is a simple TR-909-like drum computer program aiming at the dance-scene. You can use it to create perfect Techno loops, Jungle patterns or House beats, but it’s also suitable for Hip Hop, Triphop, Rap, Industrial and almost any other music you can think of.

Chord Wizard – added 5/29/2005

This is a simple program designed to display musical chords on a piano keyboard, a musical staff, and in plain English. Major, minor and 7th chords can be created with this program. Both music teachers and students alike will enjoy learning chord creation with this program!