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WebVideoCap – added 4/6/2009

While watching a video in a Web site, you may sometimes want to save the video into your local drive, and then play it offline later. WebVideoCap is a video download which utility allows you to capture .flv (Flash Video) files and RTSP/MMS video streams while the Web browser download and play them inside a Web page. After the entire video file is downloaded and played by the Web browser, the video file is saved in the folder that you selected, and you can play it offline later with any Video player. WebVideoCap can capture the video files of most popular video-sharing sites, including YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, iFilm, Metacafe, Putfile, and more.

Bulk Image Downloader – added 3/9/2009

Bulk Image Downloader is a download software that can download full sized images from almost any web gallery, including those hosted on popular free image host sites such as flickr, imagevenue, imageshack, imagefap and many more!

FileNabber – added 2/24/2009

FileNabber is a Java servlet packaged as a Web app (WAR file) that allows you to download (via HTTP or FTP) remote files to the server and upload remote files to the server via HTTP. It has a progress bar for uploads and downloads, and also supports themes to make it easy to customize the look of the pages.

DropUpLoad – added 12/31/2008

DropUpLoad is a very light, simple and robust utility which manages your uploads in the way of a spooler. It can run from an USB device and manages the connection’s errors and concludes its missions even with pretty bad conditions.

TV Renamer – added 10/23/2008

TV Renamer is a file renaming perl module script compiled into an executable file which automatically downloads episode titles from the web and can handle a massive variety of filenames, cleaning up long filenames in the process. TV Renamer can rename your video collection for you and is very customizable. (look for “Windows only” download further down the page)

VDownloader – added 8/21/2007

VDownloader allows you to download videos from Youtube, Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace, DailyMotion, Pornotube, and many other similar sites, saving them in AVI or MPG format.

NeoDownloader Lite – added 8/1/2007

NeoDownloader Lite will allow you to download and view thousands of pictures from web sites. With NeoDownloader Lite browsing the Web for pictures is made simple and easy – you drag the URL of a page, drop it on the Drop Basket and this smart utility explores it and downloads all images to your hard drive. You can immediately see everything you download and delete unwanted pictures. You can also set the program to explore the entire web site and retrieve only those images that you want. NeoDownloader provides a number of features to make image retrieval simple and easy, they include image filtering, image preview, a built-in image viewer and the option to set selected picture as Windows wallpaper.

Orbit Downloader – added 1/2/2007

Orbit Downloader is a light feature rich and stable download manager for Windows. Orbit Downloader can accelerate your download speed, uses less memory, support http/https/ftp/mms/rtsp protocol, download Flash videos (including stuff from YouTube, Google, MySpace, MetaCafe, DailyMotion,etc) and support download from

InstallPad – added 11/6/2006

InstallPad can take a list of your favorite programs and will download and install the ones you pick. It doesn’t need to ask any questions, so you can go do more important things. InstallPad can resume downloads you’ve canceled, and can even try and find the latest version of your program online.

DownUtube – added 10/19/2006

DownUtube downloads and manages clips from YouTube, Google Video, Apple Trailers and IMDB. It is capable of searching the various websites for videos, showing clips’ pictures, getting all available RSS feeds, sending your clips and their links to friends ang logging downloads.

WinBITS – added 6/9/2006

WinBITS is a Windows-GUI for the “Background Intelligent Transfer Service” (BITS) integrated in Windows XP/2000. The advantage of BITS is that it uses free bandwidth for the downloads. Your connection won’t be slowed down if BITS is downloading files in the background. BITS is a so-called “service” which is running in the background any time your system is running. Even if you close WinBITS, your BITS-downloads will still be processed.

WxDownload Fast – added 6/8/2006

WxDownload Fast is a opensource download manager that can split a file in several pieces and download the pieces simultaneously, allowing you to carry through download of some archives simultaneously, and allow to split the downloads in some smaller parts. It also allows you to resume broken downloads.

TrueDownloader – added 3/9/2006

TrueDownloader is an open source download accelerator and manager with good features like Pause/Resume downloads, simultaneous downloads, segmented downloads for acceleration . Both HTTP and FTP protocols are supported, and it’s very fast ! You can even improve it or adapt it to your needs since it’s open source. Some special features like HTTP/FTP Proxy support and ZIP previewing are supported too.

Gigaget – added 3/1/2006

Gigaget is the next generation download manager which utilizes cutting-edge Net Grid technology that improves your download speed by 7-10 times. Gigaget fundamentally reduces the operational cost of content providers, while dramatically improving downloading effectiveness and reach. Net Grid Technology taps the unused resources of networked PCs and servers, allowing content providers to deliver large files with faster speed and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

dlTime – added 1/6/2006

dlTime is a simple utility which calculates an estimate of how long a download should take factoring in the size of the file in KB or MB, and the speed of the connection.

Mihov Picture Downloader – added 11/8/2005

Mihov Picture Downloader is a special download manager. It is designed specially for downloading images in batch mode. That means that you can download hundreds of your favorite images with one click. You don’t have to be clicking every thumbnail or link to that picture and then saving it to your hard disk anymore! Instead the program will do that for you in no time.

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