internet filtering software

BFilter – added 11/20/2008

BFilter is a filtering web proxy. It was originally intended for removing banner ads only, but since then its capabilities have been greatly extended. Unlike most of the similar tools, it doesn’t rely on blacklists (although it does support them). The problem with blacklists is that advertisers are always one step ahead. You see an ad slip through, you update your blacklist, and in case it didn’t help, you add a new entry yourself.

Charon – added 3/28/2008

Charon is a proxy filtering program that provides a fully customisable way of filtering out unwanted proxies via control files, a proxy tester to check anonymity – and a fully functional search engine crawler to find lists of posted proxies. Included within the kit is a php checker which can be uploaded to your own webspace to spread the processor load and bandwidth of the actual testing. This is fully integrated into Charon where it will simply send your pages lists of proxies and harvest the results.

Any Weblock – added 7/27/2007

Any Weblock is a web content control software that gives you the power to block any website on your local computer. It works with any web browser and displays a fake error page. No network knowledge required to configure. You only need to know the domain/subdomain names of the websites. Possible uses include parental control (porns, online games or chatrooms) and ads or malicious website blocking.

Crawler Parental Control – added 7/7/2006

Have control over the content that comes into your home or office by customizing the content you want to filter and individualizing the content accessible to every single user. Prevent your children from accessing porn sites and using your credit card for unauthorized online shopping.

Naomi – added 2/6/2006

Naomi is an advanced internet filtering program, easy to use and totally free, intended for families, and kids in particular. Naomi is able to constantly monitor all internet connections and monitor internet content from websites, protecting children from inappropriate online material.