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DBComp – added 8/9/2005

DBComp is a database comparison and merge application. The program has two major functions. First, it can perform a comparison on two OBDC data sources and generate a ‘Difference File’ that lists alike vs. different vs. new records in either database. Second, it can perform a ‘Merge’ that will update an OBDC data source via SQL statements derived from the information in a ‘Difference File’.

SQLeonardo – added 8/8/2005

SQLeonardo is a database query tool written in Java. Include QueryBuilder to create SQL queries without directly writing SQL. All queries can be saved in a workspace for later use. Works with any JDBC compliant database(ORACLE,MySQL,HSQLDB,Firebird,DB2)

FreeQueryBuilder – added 7/16/2005

FreeQueryBuilder is a GUI SQL client written in 100% Java. With FreeQueryBuilder, you can create SQL queries without directly writing SQL. A diagram pane presents a graphic display of the tables you have selected from the data connection. It also shows any join relationships among them. When you make a change in the diagram pane, the SQL-Syntax pane are updated to reflect your change.

PKLite SQL Client – added 6/10/2005

PKLite SQL Client is an Open Source Java SQL Client that can connect to any JDBC compliant database. It has basic query and update functionality and some simple database information capabilities. The goal of this project was to create a lightweight SQL client (~ 1 MB) that was portable, easy to install and be vender independent. There are still some issues to be worked out so that is can be completely database vender independent but with this new build it is able to connect to any database that has a JDBC driver and run on any operating system that has a Java VM.

WinSQL Lite – added 15/7/2004

WinSQL Lite is a database client that can connect to any database through ODBC. It provides an interface that allows you to run queries, create tables, browse data, edit/insert records and more. The multi-tabbed interface allows you to manage multiple queries and switch between the results. WinSQL Lite also offers syntax highlighting for SQL scripts and can display query results in in grid or a text box.

SQLXML – added 5/17/2004

SQLXML enables developers to bridge the gap between Extensible Markup Language (XML) and relational data. You can create XML views of your existing relational data and work with it as if it were an XML file.

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