network monitoring software

NTP Server Scanner – added 6/5/2006

NTP Server Scanner helps you easily locate NTP and SNTP servers on your network or the internet. NTP Server Scanner is available free of charge to our customers to help administrators setup and configure time management on their networks. When run, the utility automatically scans and displays available servers.

EverWatch Server Monitor – added 6/5/2006

EverWatch Server Monitor allows you to continuously check the connection status of any web server you choose. It is intended for webmasters who want to monitor their web site at all times and be able to view reports of any downtime. It also measures average connection times. The interval between web site polling is user-defined. An always-on internet connection is recommended.

EtherSnoop Light – added 5/30/2006

EtherSnoop light is a free network sniffer, designed for capturing and analysis of the packets going through the network.It captures the data passing through your dial-up connection or network Ethernet card, analyzes the data and represents it in a readable form. EtherSnop light is a full configurable network analyzer program for Win32 environment. EtherSnop light sniffer presents the results of its work in a convenient and understandable format.

myWANip – added 5/26/2006

If you want to run a game server, test a webserver, FTP, remote access, Bittorrent tracker, or other server applications, you must know your Internet IP address so your friends know where to connect to. To keep track, you can always revisit this page, OR download myWANip to your desktop and myWANip is always available in the Windows system tray! MyWANiP is fast, uses very little memory, and contains no nasty spy or adware.

NetTools – added 5/26/2006

NetTools is a great solution for host monitoring, measuring your network performance, and quickly diagnosing network problems. It consists of the three powerful tools from the Professional version: ping, fast trace (full trace in 1 second), and lookup. Trace shows information about every host on the route, its response time, and packets lost. It’s extremely fast – the full trace is done in 1 second! Lookup is like nslookup, but shows you all DNS and WHOIS records at once.

MerX .Network Scanner – added 5/29/2006

MerX .Network Scanner is a network file explorer that can scan local and remote shares and search for files and folders (by name or type). It includes a download manager with resume functionality to gather and download files/folders from different locations on the network. Additional features include a network traffic graph and monitor, port scanner, built-in chat client and an offline explorer.

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