network monitoring software

Bandwidth Vista – added 6/26/2006

Bandwidth Vista is a modern bandwidth monitor, informative and intuitive to use. Whether you are looking for network problems or simply want to check your bandwidth speed, Bandwidth Vista is the only bandwidth monitor and bandwidth tester you will need. Bandwidth Vista meters all your connected interfaces at once including adsl connections, wireless and ethernet and holds a history of transfers which can be viewed down to the last hour.

Steel Inventory – added 5/29/2006

Steel Inventory is a program written and used by the people who are in the mainstream network and system administration field. The program has been written based on the ideas and neccessities faced by every network/system administrator. Steel Inventory provides the administrator to keep a snapshot of the configuration in each computer in his network. In the event of any change in either software or hardware configuration, the administrator is alerted by visual messages.

Network Clipboard – added 2/6/2006

Use network clipboard to instantly copy files, texts, images, internet adresses between different computers! It is as simple as pressing copy on one computer and go to different PC and pressing paste. The contents go with you. Or press copy and your colleague on different computer can press paste and he immediately has the stuff you wanted to give them.

Nisc – added 2/6/2006

Nisc (Network Interface Speed Checker) is a speed monitor for data traffic over network interfaces (NIC or modem). Nisc can keep track of incoming and outgoing transfer speeds, showing peak and average speeds with your choice of adapters.

Unsniff Network Analyzer – added 2/4/2006

Unsniff features fresh new views of protocol data, advanced PDU + full stream analysis, network statistics, powerful filter wizards, and much more. Across all layers, Unsniff presents a more organized and deeper view of what is happening in your network. Unsniff is the first and only extensible network analyzer – you can write custom protocol handlers, script your own analysis tools, or write full blown network applications on top of Unsniff. (this beta version might expire soon, as they are planning a commercial version!)

Network Connect – added 2/6/2006

Perfect tool for small companies. Each user on network can say on his PC whether he wants to be connected to internet. If no one wants the connection, it is simply disconnected. All users see the current connection status and time they had been connected.

Alien IP – added 2/2/2006

Alien IP will help you find computers on the world map by their IP number. With it you can analyze web log stats, prevent password leaking, reduce credit card frauds, filter access from countries you do not do business with, know more about your site visitors and e-mail senders, and even improve your geo-targeting marketing!

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