network monitoring software

Hostess – added 8/21/2005

Hostess is a utility for maintaining your Hosts file. Unlike many Hosts utilities, Hostess is geared towards ad-blocking rather than IP address resolution. Hostess stores your host entries in a database that is indexed to eliminate duplicates and make searching fast and easy. It also allows you to group these hosts for efficiency and ease of maintenance.

NUTS (Network UTilities Set) – added 8/21/2005

This is a package including most of my programs for network administrators, in a single download with fast and simple installation.

LanSpy – added 8/21/2005

If you want to know who works on a remote computer, what kind of OS is installed on a remote computer or you are just interested when this computer was startup, then you should use LanSpy. This program in few seconds will explore a remote computer and display the information that it was able to collecte about it.

NetchChange – added 8/21/2005

NetchChange is a small tool for changing the TCP/IP settings of the computer. very useful if you access different networks with a laptop.

Hamachi – added 8/21/2005

Hamachi allows you to establish secure direct connections to computers, regardless of the presence of firewalls or address translation devices on the route between them, that are not accessible otherwise due to the restrictions in network setup. Hamachi enables peer-to-peer communications between two computers residing behind two different connection sharing devices – it allows for bidirectional NAT traversal.

NetBrute – added 8/21/2005

NetBrute scans a range of IP addresses for shared resources that have been shared via Microsoft File and Printer Sharing. In addition, any SMB compatible shared resources will show (i.e. Samba Servers on a Unix/Linux machine). It is to be used by system administrators or home users to see what types of resources are shared and to warn the computer users if any unsecured resources are displayed.

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