network monitoring software

Network Probe – added 8/21/2005

Network Probe is the ultimate tool for traffic-level network monitoring, analysis and visualisation. It gives you full graphical representation and detailed statistics of the traffic load on your network and the type of data travelling across it.

Port Reporter – added 8/21/2005

Port Reporter is a logging service for Windows that logs TCP/IP port usage data.

Blue’s Port Scanner – added 8/21/2005

Blue’s Port Scanner is perhaps the fastest scanner on the net. Port scanners are one of the basic tools needed by every sysadmin or anyone else interested in network monitoring. It scans on a NT or Windows 2000 machine over 300 ports per second! If you are using Win9x, it’s a little bit slower with a speed about 90 up to 120 ports/sec.

EtherChange – added 2/22/2007

EtherChange is a network administration software, which runs from the command line that can change the Ethernet address of the network adapters in Windows. EtherChange only works if your account is in the Administrators group.

EtherFlood – added 2/21/2007

EtherFlood floods a switched network with ethernet frames with random hardware addresses. The effect on some switches is that they start sending all traffic out on all ports so you can sniff all traffic on the network.

ClearLogs – added 2/21/2007

ClearLogs clears the event log (Security, System or Application) that you specify. You run it from the Command Prompt, and it can also clear logs on a remote computer.

Network Connect – added 10/13/2006

Perfect tool for small companies. Each user on network can say on his PC whether he wants to be connected to internet. If no one wants the connection, it is simply disconnected. All users see the current connection status and time they had been connected.

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