network monitoring software

AccountAudit – added 8/15/2006

AccountAudit is a tool that allows you to examine the user account database of a Domain Controller in a Windows Domain. AccountAudit allows you to easily report on common security risks such as: accounts with no password, locked out accounts, accounts with expired passwords, and accounts with high bad password attempts. the account audit report generated by accountaudit is in HTML format and includes notes, recommendations and risk ratings.

Axence NetTools – added 7/21/2006

Host monitoring with alerting and long term charts of response time & packet lost. With alerting you can set e-mail, message, sound, and tray notifications. Other features: graphical ping, fast traceroute (full trace in 1 second), lookup, port scanner, TCP/UDP service scanner, network scanner (it finds hosts, their IP/MAC, running services etc.), and full SNMP browser. It has the most highly intuitive user interface and may run in the Icon tray to continuously monitor hosts.

BySoft Network Monitor – added 3/28/2006

Network Monitor displays all kind of information in real time (1-second update) about all network adapters (network cards, RAS connections, virtual cards, server monitoring for web hosting) in your system. Network Monitor displays for each network adapter: download speed, upload speed, data transfered, IP address, MTU size, adapter type, MAC address, status and more.

Analog – added 3/29/2006

Analog is an utra fast, scalable, highly configurable log file analyzer that comes with lot of good documentation on how to use the program, and also on the task of analyzing logfiles to determine who has requested data from your server. It also works on any operating system.

XPFiremon – added 2/18/2006

XPFiremon is a system tray monitoring application for the builtin Windows XP Firewall. It will monitor the settings and services and alert if they are stopped or disabled. Windows should also alert you if the firewall is disabled but depending on the circumstances it appears slow to do so. It’s also comforting to many users to see something saying that their protection is active and not just inactive.

Snoop – added 2/3/2006

Snoop is a connection relayer with a twist. Other people can connect to snoop and view (only view, not send) the connection traffic remotely. Options include password authentication (this tool is used for MudTV). There are also two commands, “ban ” and “unban “. The banned IP list is not saved after exiting. This program is trialware, you can only have two clients connect to you in the trial version. You can have a practically unlimited number of people connect in the registered version.

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