network monitoring software

Tautology Bandwidth Meter – added 8/14/2005

Tautology Bandwidth Meter measures the total amount of data across a computer network interface. If that interface is connected to a broad band adapter then the amount of traffic is approximately the same as the internet usage for that computer. The exact amount reported by this bandwidth monitoring program and the traffic charged by your ISP may be different, so use this program with caution.

HovMon – added 7/7/2005

HovMon is in its entirety an internet graph, where you can collect and show whatever data you have collected. In its current state, it is very usefull to show your PerfMon graphs online. There is both a Windows application available and you can manually create and insert data into a graph, for example from your Unix shell or website. Besides a graph, you can see all the raw data in a textview.

Steel Inventory – added 7/3/2005

Steel Inventory is a program written and used by the people who are in the mainstream network and system administration field. The program has been written based on the ideas and neccessities faced by every network/system administrator. As a key feature Steel Inventory provides the administrator to keep a snapshot of the configuration in each computer in his network. In the event of any change in either software or hardware configuration, the administrator is alerted by visual messages.

Zombie Zapper – added 6/13/2005

Zombie Zapper is an open source tool that can tell a zombie system flooding packets to stop flooding. It also works against Trinoo (including the Windows Trinoo agent), TFN, Stacheldraht, and Shaft. It does assume various defaults used by these attack tools are still in place, but allows you to put the zombies to sleep.

RPC Tools – added 6/13/2005

The RPC tools package contains three separate tools for obtaining information from a system that is running RPC services. rpcdump allows you to dump the contents of the endpoint mapper database. ifids is similar to rpcdump but allows you to query a single RPC server and can even allow you to query an RPC server which is not listed in the endpoint map obtained with rpcdump above. walksam is a tool which allows you to dump the information of each user found within the SAM database via Named Pipes or using the additional protocol sequences used by Windows 2000 domain controllers.

NCPQuery – added 6/13/2005

NCPQuery is an open source tool that allows probing of a Novell Netware server running IP to be queried to enumerate objects.

Look’n’ Stop Lite – added 08/23/2003

Look ‘n’ Stop protects you against Internet dangers buy checking systematicaly all the data exchanged between your computer and the Internet. Look ‘n’ Stop observes all inbound and outbound data. Although it stops pre configured traffic, it needs to be user defined to filter local application traffic. Very good little application though.

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