network monitoring software

PRTG Network Monitor – added 8/4/2008

PRTG Network Monitor is the powerful network monitoring solution from Paessler AG. It monitors your network using a whole range of technologies and assures the availability of network components and measures traffic and usage. It saves costs by avoiding outages, optimizing connections, saving time and controlling service level agreements (SLAs). Freeware version is on download page and is limited to personal and commercial use and monitoring of up to ten sensors.

MultiLook – added 2/25/2008

MultiLook is a free multi-threaded Whois-client (bulk Whois client) for MS Windows. MiltiLook allows Whois lookup for entire list of domain names and has additional useful features.

IPCheck Server Monitor – added 2/6/2008

IPCheck Server Monitor is a Network monitoring software which monitors critical network resources, and to detect system failures or performance problems immediately, thus minimizing downtimes and their economic impact. Remote network monitoring and management is possible via web browsers, Pocket PCs or the Windows Client.

NetServer – added 2/6/2008

NetServer is a pack of servers for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP, controlled and configured by an easy to use interface designed for the project which will run in the systray. This includes Apache+PHP, MySql, Filezilla FTP Server, hMailServer and PHP scripts.

EToolz – added 1/18/2008

eToolz is a collection of small network monitoring software programs such as NS lookup, Ping and Traceroute Whois which are all fully USB portable.

Analyzer – added 12/14/2007

Analyzer is a fully configurable Network Analyzer for Win32. It includes several functionalities that are needed by network management operator. Analyzer is based on WinPcap and it is able to capture packets on most Win32 platforms (and link-layer technologies). Analyzer can capture (and display) packets on both the local machine and remote probes, thanks to the full support of the Remote Capture functionality of WinPcap and is able to display packets currently being captured on another (remote) host. Some of Analyzer’s features include: advanced sniffing capabilities, end-to-end reachability monitor, local network host monitor, network sessions logger, and network data mining.

NetBee – added 11/22/2007

NetBee is a new library intended for several types of packet processing, such as packet sniffing and filtering, packet decoding, and traffic classification (not ready yet). NetBee provides a set of modules that can be used by applications that need to process network packets. Instead of creating some custom code in your application for packet processing, you can use the functions exported by NetBee. This library is made up of several components. It includes several objects for packet decoding, packet sniffing and filtering, traffic classification (not ready yet), and some miscellaneous utilities. Additionally, it includes some components (such as the NetPDL protocol definition language, the NetVM packet processing virtual machine) that are used to do its job, but their knowledge is not required from programmers using NetBee.

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