offline browsers

Local Website Archive – added 4/11/2008

Local Website Archive offers a fast and easy way to store information from the web on your hard disk. Archived web pages and documents are stored in their original file format and can also be opened with associated applications or found by desktop search engines.

Wysigot – added 3/18/2008

Wysigot is the software to capture, monitor and manage any document on the web, your local network or your computer, and captures the entire contents of your sites, with their scripts, flashes, cookies etc., but offers numerous other functions as well.

WebRipper – added 12/27/2006

WebRipper is a tool to find and extract (rip) pictures and media files from specified website URLs and save them to your hard drive. You can either input the target URL, or use the integrated web search function to find images based on your keywords.

BackStreet Browser – added 8/17/2006

BackStreet Browser is a free, powerful offline browser. A high-speed, multi-threading website download and viewing program. By making multiple simultaneous server requests, BackStreet Browser can quickly download entire website or part of a site including HTML, graphics, Java Applets, sound and other user definable files, and saves all the files in your hard drive, either in their native format, or as a compressed ZIP file and view offline.

Net Picker – added 11/17/2005

NetPicker allows you to select and save a portion of the web page by dragging it from your browser. NetPicker can save all the useful format like image, table or font style, and organize your collection in a vivid tree structure. You can even write down your comments in the original page at any time.

Local Website Archive – added 9/28/2005

Local Website Archive offers a fast and easy way to store websites from your browser permanently for future reference. Information on the web often vanishes quickly, sometimes before you even have a chance to make use of it. Let Local Website Archive store the information you’re interested in.

HTTrack – added 9/28/2005

HTTrack is an easy-to-use offline browser utility. t allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer.

IntelliTamper – added 9/28/2005

Just type in the address, let the IntelliTamper spider works and read the pages for you, and you will be able to access the files and browse the folders like if they were on your own hard-disk ! IntelliTamper is also able to scan a website for unlisted files and folders with a dictionnary based scan. Results are displayed in real time in the window with various informations on progression. Files and folders found are displayed in a friendly mini Windows-Explorer. You can then open links found on pages in your browser, send emails to addresses found on pages, open distant files and save them to your harddisk. (source also availible!)

Web Grabber – added 9/28/2005

WebGrabber is a special version of a web site copier. Other than being implemented in Java and can operate on many platforms, its Unique characteristic is that it will import only the web files that you specify from Internet shortcuts. This principle is advantageous under the following circumstances: You can copy various web pages sharing a common topic but dispersed in many web sites and referencing each-other; You can copy only a subset that interests you, not the whole web site which might contain thousands of web pages; It can cope with dynamic-created pages and pages coming from databases.

Wysigot Light – added 3/4/2005

Wysigot is the software to capture, monitor and manage any document on the web, your local network or your computer.