p2p software

MyDiskServer – added 6/13/2006

MyDiskServer is a small Java application that you run on the computer you wish to host files from. It requires no installation and can be launched by a single click. After configuring MyDiskServer and registering an identity, you can access your files from anywhere online by returning to this web site and clicking your identity on the right.

NETFile Server – added 5/31/2006

NETFile Server is a secure (128-bit SSL), ultra-fast FTP server with HTTP/XML remote admin, virtual network folders, storage quotas, bandwidth limits, built-in HTTP folder management together with fast directory and file caches. Running as NT-service, and controlled through a remote controller interface (free of charge to download and use), has the best possible performance under Windows operating system platform. The limitations of the free version are: 5 user/group accounts, 3 simultaneous connections per IP/port, no quota and bandwidth limits support, Single “catch-all” domain and no FTP/HTTP over SSL/TLS.

LANster – added 5/25/2006

LANster is a search program designed to be used on most LANs. It is especially useful at LAN parties. Search for MP3s, game patches, picture and video files or whatever. Features include: Open or Explore a folder where a file resides, sample files remotely, view MP3 information, search as you would using the Windows Find.

Peer2Mail – added 2/25/2006

Peer2Mail is the first software that lets you store and share files on any web-mail account. If you have a web mail account with large storage space, you can use P2M to store files on it. Web-mail providers such as Gmail (Google Mail), Walla!, Yahoo and more, provide storage space that ranges from 100MB to 3GB. P2M splits the file you want to share/store zips and encrypts it. P2M then sends the file segments one by one to your account. Once P2M uploaded all file segments, you can download them and use P2M to merge the segments back to the original file.

P2P Barrier – added 2/17/2006

P2P Barrier (file sharing barrier) completely stops the installation and operation of all file sharing programs. So, it completely stops programs like Kazaa, iMesh, Bearshare and Limewire . If you want to know how to stop p2p programs and applications, all you need to do is install this. P2P barrier is free and you can download it right now. Within minutes you will have blocked the usage or installation of any file sharing program.

Lphant – added 1/30/2006

Lphant is a P2P, peer to peer file sharing application, compatible with emule/edonkey and BitTorrent files. It supports webcaching, and the same file format than emule, you can change between lphant and emule and continue your downloads without problems. Bittorrent and eDonkey networks are radically different, but combined correctly in a same client can offer good results. Bittorrent offers a download rate pretty constant while eDonkey download rate gets incremented slowly as the time pass. Not less important than performance, this Lphant version provides comfort, you won’t have to change your client depending what you want to download, and with Lphant you can download almost everything.

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