ping tools

Alive – added 7/11/2005

Alive pings the specified host and returns an errorlevel indicating success or the reason for failure. /repeat and /timeout are optional parameters, the default repeat (# of attempts) value is 5 and the default timeout is 4 seconds. The program will terminate with an errorlevel 0 when it senses a successful ping regardless of the /repeat value.

FREEping – added 4/18/2005

FREEping is a graphical ping utility which pings TCP/IP ports as well as monitors space, CPU and memory. It also creates logs as well.

Ultra Ping – added 11/21/2003

Ultra Ping is a Windows based frontend ping sweeper. It is written in C using win32api calls. No winsock interface or any dll required, and it can be sent to system tray.

Wpsweep – added 8/20/2002

Wpsweep is a simple ping sweeper, that is, it pings a range of IP addresses and lists the ones that reply.

Ping-O-Meter – added 7/30/2002

Why drop to Dos to ping? Enjoy Obese Armadillo Software’s highly visual version of as ICMP ping sweeper, PING-O-Meter. This Win 32 software presents ICMP echo and reply data (PINGS) via 2 analog meter displays as well as 7 digital read outs. Standard Minimum Average and Maximum Round trip times are easily determined at a glance. Features include: Easy to read analog style gages with configurable zones, 7 quick refresh led style read outs, optional mouse over hint system, context sensitive help, attractive user interface, self extracting installation system, auto-uninstall and more. This program requires a 1.1 Compliant winsock stack.

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