remote access software

OpenVPN GUI – added 10/29/2005

OpenVPN is a full-featured SSL VPN remote access solution which can accomodate a wide range of configurations, including remote access computing, site-to-site VPNs, WiFi security, and enterprise-scale remote access solutions with load balancing, failover, and fine-grained access-controls. OpenVPN is normally run in a console window, which can be a little annoying to have lying on the taskbar all the time. OpenVPN GUI lets you run OpenVPN without this console window. Instead you get an icon in the notification area (the area on the right side of the taskbar) from which you can control OpenVPN to start/stop your VPN tunnels, view the log, change your password and other useful things.

Gencontrol – added 8/21/2005

GenControl is a simple desktop remote computing for Windows 2000 or Windows NT networks. It allows the authorised administrator to remotely control the desktop of another machine over a Windows-based network for any purpose.

DNKA – added 10/25/2005

DNKA is a search tool for remote computer. It acts as a web server (search server) by interacting as a layer between Google Desktop Search (GDS) and user. And allow other users to search, view and download your files, emails, chats and web history.

VNC Remote Control – added 10/25/2005

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is, in essence, a remote display system which allows you to view a computing ‘desktop’ environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet. The two computers don’t even have to be the same type, so for example you can use VNC to view an office Linux machine on your Windows PC at home. Remote computing VNC is in widespread active use by millions throughout industry, academia and privately.

Ultr@VNC – added 10/25/2005

Ultr@VNC is a client/server software that allows you to remotely control a computer over any TCP/IP connection as if you were in front of it. Similar to the idea of Remote Desktop, but much more user-friendly, for example with Embedded File Transfer with intuitive Graphical User Interface allowing for easy file copy between local and remote computers. It uses the existing VNC connection and files are compressed during their transfer.

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