rss aggregators

Active Web Reader – added 3/22/2005

Active Web Reader is a web feed reader (aggregator) that supports RSS (feed format) 0.9x, 1.x and 2.x. Simply add all your favorite feed URLs and keep yourself updated without having to visit the web sites again. In addition to feeds, you can also bookmark web pages.

Sauce Reader – added 9/5/2004

Sauce Reader is an easy to use, innovative and full-featured feed reader.

ListGarden RSS Feed Generator Program – added 3/27/2005

The ListGarden program is a tool for manually creating and maintaining RSS feeds. It is an easy to use open source authoring tool operated with a browser interface that can run locally on a computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, or accessed remotely through a web server. The resulting XML file may be stored locally or automatically copied to a remote web server using FTP.

Super Simple RSS – added 3/16/2005

Nice small utility to create and Manage RSS 2.0 files. Just enter your data in the applicable fields, and then create the output as an RSS 2.0 compliant xml file.

CITA RSS Builder – added 9/5/2004

Both a tool that brings news, journals, broadcasts and information from all around the world direct to your desktop, and a utility that allows you to build your own RSS feeds and load them to your web site.

40tude Dialog – added 3/27/2005

40tude Dialog is a feature loaded, multi-server, multi-threaded Windows newsreader with Unicode character support.

MagpieRSS – added 9/5/2004

MagpieRSS provides an XML-based (expat) RSS parser in PHP.

RSS Builder – added 9/5/2004

RSS Builder is an easy to use program to create RSS feeds for your web site. It provides a simple interface that lets you add topics, links and content, and then publish the RSS (v2.0) feed to your web server, using the built-in FTP client.

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