rss aggregators

SharpReader – added 6/8/2005

SharpReader is an RSS/Atom Aggregator for Windows, which handles all RSS versions, ATOM, modules like dublin core, content:encoding, xhtml:body, etc. It has advanced threading support, Feedster integration, uses HTTP Conditional GETs and gzip/deflate encoding, and allows the user to group subscribed feeds into custom categories.

Net Newz – added 6/9/2005

Net Newz is the simplest and quickest way to reach information on the Internet. Indeed, surfing from site to site is really time consuming and thus remains very constraining for the user who wishes to be held informed about the last rumours and news, no matter the subject.

Feedreader – added 6/9/2005

Feedreader is a lightweight open-source aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats. It works under Windows 95 and later versions.

RSS Bandit – added 6/9/2005

RSS Bandit is a a desktop news aggregator written in C# which supports synchroning, using WebDAV, FTP, LAN and networks. Also features the ability to post to blogs, ability to view comments posted, tabbed browsing, proxy servers, GZip encoding and HTTP conditional GET, Integrated toolbar for searching Google, Feedster and MSN, Automatic updating of feed location, ability to configure how long news items are displayed, and more.

Custom Reader – added 6/9/2005

Custom Reader is a fully customizable RSS application. You control the look and feel of the reader to suit the needs of your business. When you change the reader changes with you.

RSS Publisher – added 6/9/2005

RSS Publisher is a program for RSS publishers. Using this program one can not only upload any number of new RSS feeds to web servers, but also save and manage existing RSS feeds. The program has a number of unique features, allowing to automate the process of uploading and archiving of RSS feeds.

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