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e3KWD Check: Keyword Analysis Tool – added 5/19/2005

e3KWD Check is a lightweight, fast and program for analysing keyword density within web and text documents. This tool allows you to run real time keyword density analysis tasks upon your local copy while writing or editing. If you have an active internet connection it will also retrieve and analyse online web documents using the built-in address bar.

Golden Phrases – added 5/19/2005

Golden Phrases is an web server access log files analyzing utility specialized to analyze search phrases. It scan specified log files, retrieve all search phrases from them, gather the statistics of using the phrases, determine position of your site on search engines for every phrase and estimate the perspectivity of every phrase.

Good Keywords – added 5/19/2005

Good Keywords is a Windows software for finding the perfect set of keywords for your web pages. Knowing the right keywords to target is very important because your site should provide what people are searching for.

ViewHEAD – added 5/19/2005

Given a hypertext transfer protocol URL, this program shows the headers that the server sends in response to a HEAD request. These headers include valuable information, such as identification of the remote server’s software, remote time and date, the MIME type and size of a file, and various other pieces of information.

Google Hack Honeypot – added 4/19/2005

Google Hack Honeypot is the reaction to a new type of malicious web traffic: search engine hackers. GHH is a ‘Google Hack’ honeypot. It is designed to provide reconaissance against attackers that use search engines as a hacking tool against your resources.

NetTracker Lite – added 4/16/2005

Now there is a powerful alternative for entry-level Web analytics software. NetTracker Lite is designed to not only replace ‘hit-counter’ Web analytics software, but even low-priced, entry-level commercial Web analytics solutions.

LookupIP – added 4/16/2005

LookupIP is a Windows tool for replacing numerical IP addresses by the host’s domain name in files (like -> It is mainly intended for webmasters who are looking for a fast and convenient way to process the log files of their Web servers.

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