site management tools

Check4New – added 4/16/2005

Check4New can track unlimited internet addresses and determine if the URL content has changed, therefore any files (e.g. gif, jpg) which can be accessed via the HTTP protocol.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth – added 06/09/2004

Xenu’s Link Sleuth checks Web sites for broken links. Link verification is done on “normal” links, images, frames, plug-ins,backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It displays a continously updated list of URLs which you can sort by different criteria. A report can be produced at any time.

WebMon – added 9/27/2004

WebMon is a web page update monitoring program – it saves you time and keeps you updated by automatically checking web pages to see if they have changed.

GoogRandCmd – added 1/9/2005

GoogRankCmd is a simple command-line utility that retrieves and displays the Google’s PageRank of a Web page ,without using Google Toolbar or any other browser plugin.

AnalogX Keyword Extractor – added 06/09/2004

Have you ever wondered why some website end up higher on search engine results than others? Now there’s a new tool to add to your search engine analysis – AnalogX Keyword Extractor! AnalogX Keyword Extractor (KeyEx) extracts all of the keywords off of a webpage, and then sorts and indexes them based off of their usage and position.

Links Assistant – added 06/09/2004

Links Assistant was started as an internal project at X3MSoftware, to help building its links directory. Most features are self-explanatory to the webmasters who are familiar with link exchanges.

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