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Qt Web Browser – added 4/6/2009

QtWeb is compact, portable and secure web browser having some unique UI and privacy features. QtWeb is an open source project based on Nokia’s Qt framework (former Trolltech) and Apple’s WebKit rendering engine (the same as being used in Apple Safari and Google Chrome).

Dooble – added 3/2/2009

Dooble is a secure and Open Source Web Browser that provides solid performance, stability, and cross-platform functionality. Dooble contains features for privacy and security seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly web & communication experience. For users who are simply interested in browsing the Web, Dooble provides the compact browser. The Dooble installer allows you to install Dooble, a group of integrated privacy features (browser, search engine, secure e-mail client, and secure messenger) (cross-platform).

Sleipnir Web Browser – added 7/28/2008

Sleipnir – the number one web browser in Japan today, specializes in customization is designed to be a highly customizable browser that you can configure to suit your individual needs. With Sleipnir, you can create your ideal browser by changing the design, skin, and visual appearance. You can also add custom functionality to Sleipnir with a wide range of plugins and user scripts. Users love Seipnir for it’s unique blend of high-performance and customizability!

xB Browser – added 7/28/2008

xB Browser is the free and open-source anonymous web browser. You’re just a click away from anonymous surfing right now! The benefits of xB Browser are that it allows you to securely and anonymously surf the internet, and bypass firewalls and website censorship. For enhanced privacy, xB Browser automatically clears surfing history and deletes cookies when you close the browser. The main advantage compared to other anonymous web browsers is that xB Browser requires no configuration or technical knowledge in order to achieve anonymity. xB Browser is open-source so you can feel safe knowing what goes into xB Browser. Additionally, it is even portable on a USB stick so you can take it to work, school, or on vacation.

TheWorld Browser – added 1/10/2008

TheWorld Browser is an Internet Explorere based web browser with many useful features than the others could ever offer, such as Flash filter, unlock page script limited, zoom in/out page in all level, proxy quick switch, auto forms, quick media saver, privacy keeper, mouse gesture, custom hotkey, drag&drop link and download manager which consists of multi-thread download, resumable download, with an easy download manage to save you time.

Tablane – added 9/12/2006

Tablane is a browser for people who need to find, keep and share information from the Internet. Tablane turns your Internet Explorer Favorites into your home collection. New collections can include notes and clippings you cut and paste from Web pages into Tablane’s note editor. The collection is therefore something like a scrapbook of things you find interesting around a particular subject. It’s also a Web page, so your collections are ready to be included into blogs, Wikis or sent via wmail.

K-Ninja – added 8/18/2006

K-Ninja is a compact, fast and adaptable freeware web browser based on the K-Meleon 0.9 source code, with Mozilla extensions such as Aggreg8 RSS Reader, Flashblock & Quicknote included, as well as additional MultiSearch Web Search engines.

Opera Portable – added 7/3/2006

Opera Portable is the Opera browser that has been repacked so that you can run Opera by just clicking, without the need of installation or administrator rights. With download size of about 3 MB, you get the same features of Opera compared to what you get in the installation version.

PageQ Editor – added 5/24/2006

PageQ Editor is a browser, a bookmark manager and a media player for web pages, all rolled into one. PageQ can replace, or be used alongside, your normal browser. It allows you to surf the net and selectively capture the sites and pages you want to visit again into a playlist or Q. It only captures the url so you always get the latest information. It looks and works just like your current web browser with an additional toolbar, so you already know how to use it.

Madfox – added 2/24/2006

Madfox is a web browser based on Firefox but can display pages only made for IE. The main goal of Madfox is to enhance non-standard compatibility with Internet Explorer of Firefox by applying patches to Gecko engine. From the UI perspective, it is quite similar to Firefox and fully compatible with Firefox extensions.

SeaMonkey – added 2/14/2006

SeaMonkey is the brand new resurrection of the old Mozilla application suite — the original Mozilla open source browser from which Firefox and Thunderbird would later be developed into separate applications. SeaMonkey is an all-in-one web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and WYSIWYG HTML editor — all your Internet needs in one application.

Pocket K-Meleon – added 2/13/2006

Pocket K-Meleon is a fully USB portable and compressed version of K-Meleon SeaMonkey 1.0b5 (the new version 1.0 beta K-Meleon, which needs no special launcher and uses only a single profile. The size of the browser disk cache and length of history have been set to zero to extend the life of USB flash drives. The space occupied by toolbars has also been minimized.

K-Meleon On The Move – added 12/11/2005

K-Meleon On The Move enhances the K-Meleon web browser, particularly its portability. Its setup allows you to run K-Meleon from any folder on any read/write drive, for maximum portability and speed of loading. To achieve this it requires a special way of storing K-Meleon profiles.

Flock – added 12/1/2005

Flock is an open source web browser based on Firefox and the Gecko rendering engine. Flock emphasizes sharing social bookmarking content, sharing photos, and blogging tools, such as a build-in blogging editor. It supports extensions for Flickr and the popular social bookmark site, Deli.cio.us. Flock is still in pre-public beta, but there are developer builds available to take a look at!

K-MeleonCCF Special Edition – added 9/12/2005

K-Meleon is a web browser based on Gecko, the popular highly-efficient layout engine written by the Mozilla Foundation. Using the operating system’s native interface for the application’s toolbars and menus, K-Meleon requires the lowest amount of memory and CPU workload. Once installed, a K-Meleon loader icon will stay in your taskbar notification area every time you start your Windows. In most situations, a K-Meleon window readies itself instantly as you click the loader, usually within half a second or less.

Deepnet Browser – added 8/24/2005

Deepnet Explorer is a tabbed browser which runs on top of MSIE’s rendering engine with its own RSS news reader and P2P client integration, as well as anti-phishing features. It has advert blocking, popup killer, form filler, password generator, cookie manager, and supports mouse gestures.

Cayman Browser – added 7/20/2005

Cayman Browser is a tabbed, innovative Web browser with full features to improve your Internet surfing. It can speak, translate, open multiple web pages at the same time, and more: Website status – View Google/Alexa PR simultaneously; Power Group; Incredible Search; Website scan; Links filter; Cookies management; Mouse gestures; Built-in popup killer; Auto fill forms; Voice engines; Skin; Safe Recovery; URL monitor and Great speed.

UltraBrowser – added 5/1/2004

UltraBrowser is a small browser application (800kb)
with integrated multi-search functionality, a web based bookmark manager that lets users import their IE favorites, store them on the web, share them with others, and access them anywhere; a global media directory (TV, Radio, Music, Newspapers), easy access to popular instant messengers, default email applications, and multiple web mail services.

404Browser – added 4/9/2004

404Browser is a unique web browser. 404Browser is designed for people that use the web. It includes features that enable the user to surf the Internet more productively. Security is a priority for 404Browser, with the many features such as blocking cookies, clear cookies, password generator, and secure surfing.

Flash Web Browser – added 7/19/2002

Flash Web Browser is a smart tool for surfing and viewing multimedia content on the Web. Unlike traditional web browsers, which works with HTML pages, the Browser surf hyper-linked SWF files created with Macromedia Flash.

1Tabview Lite – added 10/28/2002

1Tabview Lite is the most elegant internet browser that opens multiple web pages within one window identified by tabs. When you are viewing many different web sites this browser preloads your pages and make them available with the click of a button saving your time. You can have the news ready for reading by the time you are reading your email. You can even define your frequently accessed web pages and this browser will preload them and keep them ready for your reading.

Amphetadesk – added 1/25/2003

Cross platform, open-sourced, syndicated news aggregator – it sits on your desktop, downloads the latest news that interests you and displays them in a quick and easy to use (and customizable!) webpage. With thousands of channels available, AmphetaDesk can shave hours off your day – and you’ll look smart to all your friends! Egotism never had it better!

Optimal Desktop – added 5/6/2003

Optimal Desktop is an IE based web browser and information manager, that is optimized to manage your favorite online and offline information on your computer with as little as 3 clicks. All the information you want to access is classified in a colorful, easy-to-read index that frames your screen.

IEDocMon – added 10/2/2002

This tool runs in an explorer bar in Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is useful for exploring elements, events, and interfces in HTML documents.

Web Grabber – added 10/31/2002

WebGrabber is a special version of a web site copier. Other than being implemented in Java and can operate on many platforms, its Unique characteristic is that it will import only the web files that you specify from Internet shortcuts. This principle is advantageous under the following circumstances: You can copy various web pages sharing a common topic but dispersed in many web sites and referencing each-other; You can copy only a subset that interests you, not the whole web site which might contain thousands of web pages; It can cope with dynamic-created pages and pages coming from databases.

Flipviewer – added 1/15/2002

FlipViewer technology delivers online content in a realistic 3D page flipping book presentation to viewers. This allows content to be organized in a book form for clarity & ease of navigation.

Explorer 2002 – added 05/20/2003

Explorer 2002 is a tightly integrated Internet Browser with Image Browser, capable of displaying up to 8 web pages. It is a combination browser and multimedia viewer. View your images in a slide show format as well.

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