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Web Doctor Alpha – added 10/3/2002

Download WebDoctor alpha version 1.0.901 full setup – 2.25 MB Forensic browser which can examine any website’s content; the HTML properties, frames, scripts, appellets, and site structure. Also explores files in a slide show format!

Stealthbrowser – added 7/9/2002

StealthBrowser prevents unwanted pop-up ads from opening while you browse the Web, as well as stops many banner ads from loading. StealthBrowser also eliminates cookies from your hard drive and play MP3’s.

Scope Browser – added 01/02/2002

Scope Browser is the
new trend in browsers; a “wrapper” that works off either IE or Mozilla’s rendering engine. Scope is a multi-tabbed browser which displays web pages using either the IE orengine – or both if you want to compare pages side by side.

Off By One Web Browser – added 03/02/2002

May be the world’s smallest and fastest web browser with full HTML 3.2 support. It can even run directly from a floppy, CD, ZIP etc. without installation. OffByOne does not support Java or Plugins like Flash – which may limit it for everyday use, but offers the advantage of popup windows free browsing and eliminates the vulnerability to malicious code. In addition, the browser allows you to surf the web without leaving any tracks, since the page cache and image cache are not stored to disk, but to memory and are erased at the end of the session. OffByOne implements full HTML 3.2 support plus many HTML 4.0 extensions, including Frames as well as SSL!

Ciphernet – added 06/09/2004

This one looks as if it is an abandoned proggie, but it is so cool I thought I’d mention it. It has HTML editor, email,MP3 and is fully skinnable. Fast too!

Smartbrowse – added 06/09/2004

SmartBrowse has hundreds of online resources are at your fingertips. A few of our categories include Travel, News, Sports, Weather, Games, General Info, and Outdoors. And that’s only a few of the categories! Also has 12 of the BEST search engines on the net, and adds notes to your bookmarks so you never forget why you bookmarked a site.

XBrowser – added 7/19/2002

XBrowser is totally and open-source java application for browsing the web. It will execute on any OS supporting Java 2 platform. It is fully multithreaded and it means that you can open several web pages simultaneously in one session. It is customizable, providing options for changing the way XBrowser looks and operates.

Bluto – added 2/11/2004

Bluto is the latest release from Black Hat Software. Adware,(scumware)and spam free, this steamlined browser has evrything you could want in a small file browser. It also has a clock, email access, real-time RAM meter, and drag-n-drop notepad. Cool stuff for anyone who wants a real alternative browser.

Madcow – added 02/04/16

Madcow is a fully skinnable interface for the Internet Explorer engine.The browser is skinnable and so is the toolbar and so is the settings window and finally so are the menus. That’s just about everything.393 KB

Banner Browser – added 4/28/2002

Banner Browser can be customized for your firm or organization. The Banner Browser 7.0 is an MDI browser designed with all kinds of cool looking dockable toolbars with liquid buttons, built-in streaming video utilities, banner rotation components, link bars and more. This browser is for any firm or organization seeking to redistribute a branded browser for intranet, internet or extranet usage.

Ariadne – added 05/29/2002

Ariadne is Web-oriented Information Manager, Tabbed Browser and Web-oriented Organizer are combined in one program to simplify your stay on the Net, optimize work on fast and slow channels, keep track of your notes, bookmarks, comments, organize all kind of information. Picture Library Manager, Scheduler and specially designed user’s interface ties up randomly added data and simplify work with large number of documents.

Monja Kids – added 09/11/01

Monja Kids is the first customizable kids’ browser developed in Asia. It is designed as I/E (Internet Explorer) add-on software especially for children. Monja Kids is so user-friendly that the drag and drop technique is employed for customization and it is one click away from any operation. The background and buttons are all customizable. Users may drag and drop the button to the desired location.

Njstar Asian Explorer – added 8/17/2002

NJStar Asian Explorer is a web browser. Apart from the normal web browsing functions, this program is specially designed for reading Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) web pages with intelligent NJStar CJK auto-detection technologies, giving you a hassle-free CJK web browsing experience.

Girafa – added 1/19/2004

Girafa is a web navigation service that works alongside your browser providing you with visualization capabilities when searching and navigating the web. The Girafa downloadable toolbar shows you visual previews of web sites without the need to visit or load the sites, making your time on the web moreproductive. Thumbnail images of your search results, send email messages to your friends colleagues using the visual image of the links instead of text, and save thumbnail images of web pages you view while navigating the web.

Voyager 6000 – added 5/29/2002

Voyager is a skinable web browser that maximizes and optimizes internet web browsing by providing the fastest web browsing performance as well as the most browsing screen area.

Flash Web Browser – added 7/19/2002

Flash Web Browser ‘Watermelon (Mutant)’ is a smart tool for surfing and viewing multimedia content on the Web. Unlike traditional web browsers, which works with HTML pages, the Browser surf hyper-linked SWF files created with Macromedia Flash. The Browser directly supports web video streaming for Windows Media Player and it also could display Real and Quick Time streaming through a special HTML framing.

Easybrowse Gold – added 7/24/2002

Dramatically improve your surfing speeds on the internet. EasyBrowse Gold now offers built in multiple search engines, multiple browsing windows (menu driven and also tabbed). The browser also includes a built in pop-up disabler to prevent annoying pop-ups. The interface now includes innovative skins and designs which is easy to use and convenient. You can also store you most valuable sites in the favorites section. The browser also has plug-in support to allow room for expansion. You can even design and implement your own plug-in or download our many pre-made ones from the website.

Njstar Asian Explorer – added 8/17/2002

NJStar Asian Explorer is a web browser. Apart from the normal web browsing functions, this program is specially designed for reading Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) web pages with intelligent NJStar CJK auto-detection technologies, giving you a hassle-free CJK web browsing experience.

Surftabs – added 12/14/00

SurfTabs incorporates all of Internet Explorer (IE) functionality on different tabs. Putting IE web browsers in a tab interface enables you to switch back and forth from different web sites easily with the click of a tab instead of cluttering up your workspace (desktop) and the task bar with multiple copies of IE.

Pasito Spanish Browser – added 5/8/2002

Designed by CustomBrowser.com for Pasito.com serving the Spanish Community. Access to the Internet without limits! Pasito knows lots of the immigration laws, health, religion, Latin, everything completely organized by categories. The live radio of its country! Listen to the radio stations of many countries around the world, everything with only a click!

Nubonyx Browser – added 6/3/2002

The Nubonyx Browser is a complete Internet environment with everything at your fingertips – a suite of powerful, high quality and easy-to-use tools. It’s a skinable web browser application with integrated multi-search functionality, content directories, and it features a media console with access to national and international Newspapers, TV, Radio and Music feeds and links.

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