web servers

Analogx Proxy – added 4/15/2003

AnalogX Proxy is a simple server that allows any other machine on your local network to route its requests through a central machine. Simply run Proxy on the machine with the Internet connection, configure the other machines to use a proxy, and you’re surfing the Web from any machine on your network.

Ability Web Server – added 4/15/2003

Ability Webserver is a HTTP, POP3, SMTP and FTP server all rolled into one program. It is designed for people who want to host their own website on their own computer. Using its built in HTTP server, you can serve webpages and files to the internet or your LAN.

KF Web Server – added 10/12/2003

KF Web Server is a HTTP Server that can host an unlimited number of web sites. Its small size, low system requirements and easy administration make it the perfect choice for both professional and amateur web developers alike. Supports: CGI, sophisticated security settings, multiple ports, file caching, MIME settings, directory indexes and remote administration.

Jana Server – added 1/6/2004

Jana is a proxy server providing Internet access via a single modem, ISDN or DSL connection for any or a group of LAN users. Jana is installed on the machine where the analog, ISDN- or DSL-modem is plugged in and acts as the server. On the client side no additional software needed. Jana is also a mail server. It manages mail to and from the Internet for individual users as well as internal mail traffic between users. Each user can have his own Internet mail account with his own provider.

XMail – added 4/15/2003

XMail is an Internet and intranet mail server featuring an SMTP server, POP3 server, finger server, multiple domains, no need for users to have a real system account, SMTP relay checking, RBL/RSS/ORBS/DUL and custom ( IP based and address based ) spam protection, SMTP authentication ( PLAIN LOGIN CRAM-MD5 POP3-before-SMTP and custom ), a POP3 account syncronizer with external POP3 accounts, account aliases, domain aliases, custom mail processing, direct mail files delivery, custom mail filters, mailing lists, remote administration, custom mail exchangers, logging, and multi- platform code.

Xerver Web Server – added 4/15/2003

Xerver Web Server is a tiny web server allowing you to run CGI/perl scripts on your computer. Xerver includes features such as: Allow/forbid directory listing, create your own error pages (”404 File Not Found”), allow/deny CGI-scripts, choose your own index file extensions, share/unshare hidden files or files with certain file extensions, share unlimited folders etc. Xerver is a tiny, fast web server, but is still advanced and supports both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0 and all HTTP methods (GET, POST and HEAD).

Analogx Simpleserver – added 4/15/2003

Looking for a simple, fast, and powerful webserver? This is the one for you – as the name implies, it’s super easy to use; just drag-and-drop your index.htm or default.htm, and let SimpleServer do the rest! Supports mime types, CGI executables and scripts, multi-hosting, authentication, and much more!

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