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AnalogX LinkExaminer – added 6/18/2009

If you have your own website, then I’m sure you’ve run into the problem of broken links – whether they are links off of your site that are no longer there, or something that you moved around internally and forgot to update an old page. AnalogX LinkExaminer at its core is a link checker, it goes through each and every page (assuming you have it set to) and parses the HTML in order to extract the links existing on the page. While it’s parsing the page, it can also perform other checks; from simple tasks like extracting the page title, to SEO analysis, to more advanced tasks like identifying pages with high similarity to other pages.

OpenWebScope Web Statistics Software – added 12/4/2008

OpenWebScope web statistics software creates HTML visitor statistical reports for your website. Find out where your customers and website visitors are coming from, what they view, what search engine phases they use. Supports all types of web server platforms and web server log file formats, and it will dynamically analyze log files across the network via the FTP protocol.

URL Discombobulator – added 8/5/2008

URL Discombobulator can lookup the IP address(es) associated with any valid domain name. Or lookup the domain name associated with any IP address (if the owner of the IP address has added the corresponding PTR record in the DNS server authoritative for the IP address range). As a bonus, the program generates alternate “shrouded” URLs for any web site, and can display the ASCII Code table.

Web Site Publisher – added 5/26/2008

Web Site Publisher is a free tool which will publish (i.e. copy or upload) the web site you develop on your computer to the web. Once your site is on the web you can make changes to the copy on your computer knowing that Web Site Publisher will update to the web just those parts that you have changed.

LogicHammer HTML Formatter – added 2/27/2008

The HTML Formatter can handle all HTMLish markup (including indenting ColdFusion code) and you can specify what extensions it operates on and what tags you want to have formatted. You can drop a single file or folder on HTML Formatter and it will make a copy of that file or directory in the original source directory.

WebFormDesigner – added 2/12/2008

WebFormDesigner is an HTML editor that lets you visually design forms on the screen, dragging about the various components to create an email form. And when you’re done, you can easily produce the HTML code snippet ready to paste into your web page. WebFormDesigner can automatically validate your user’s input – ensure the required fields are properly complete, and check that a valid email is input. Restrict input to alphanumeric, numerals only or just letters.

Xlogan – added 4/20/2007

Xlogan is a tool for generating statistics from your web site log files. These statistics can reveal a lot of useful information about your website, such as which sites are linking to you, what search terms people use to find your site, how often each file is downloaded, what countries your visitors come from, and much more.

html2xml – added 3/16/2007

XSolvo html2xml is a free program that converts HTML data to XML. The HTML format is a loose format that makes it quite a difficulty in parsing and processing data from HTML files. It is much simpler to have it in XML instead. With the file in XML you can use common utilities and tools to process the data. So, get rid of the HTML parsing problem with html2xml and convert your HTML pages to XML. Then you can process it as you want with XML parsers, XSLT etc.

Template It – added 3/15/2007

Template It allows you to make websites based around a common template, without having to manually open every single HTML page of your site just to change one line. It also allows pages to share replacement strings, which are changed via an INI file.

Htmlincl – added 11/8/2006

Htmlincl is a preprocessor that generates html files out of “macro” files. The macrofiles contain special instructions for Htmlincl. There are instructions to include other files, if/then conditional html, and macro handling.

CSV HTML Generator – added 8/16/2006

CSV HTML Generator generates websites based on simple comma separated files (CSV-files). Add your data to the CSV-files and generate all pages on your site in a matter of seconds. It’s perfect for any site that list large quantities of information and haven’t access to a website solution with database support, such as IIS/SQL Server.

Easy Index Generator – added 8/2/2006

Easy Index Generator provides quick and simple creation of configurable index files (files of Contents) for any files types, which can be used in CHM (HTML Help), eBooks, online Help, as Data CD menu, as a Site Map of your Website, making it easy to have an overview of the website and get the quick access to HTML pages, graphics, media files, shared documents, applications, archives etc.

Free Monitor for Google – added 7/28/2006

Free Monitor for Google is designed for search engine specialists and webmasters. With it, you can find position of your web site in Google Top for popular keywords and get more traffic from Google. Google Monitor will query Google and show you the position of your site by your target keywords and also how well your competitors are doing. It keeps statistics for several URLs and several lists of keywords. You can also add notes.

HTTP Spy – added 7/27/2006

HTTP Spy can monitor changes and updates in any websites without effort for you effectively, saving your time.

GoogRankCmd – added 7/13/2006

GoogRankCmd is a simple command-line utility that retrieves and displays the Google’s PageRank of a Web page ,without using Google Toolbar or any other browser plugin.

REL Link Checker Lite – added 7/12/2006

REL Link Checker Lite is a free easy-to-use link checker tool to help you maintain the accuracy of links on your web site. The program will help you easily locate broken links and links containing syntactic errors.

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