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TextStylist – added 4/6/2006

TextStylist is a text design program, which you can use to add up to 10 different texts of type 3D, Shadow and Flat with individual attributes to a picture. Many picture formats supported for read and save and all texts with attributes can be saved so it is possible to reuse them.

HTML Stripper – added 3/27/2006

If you often save webpages for archiving purposes on your computer, you probably know the problem: Web pages do not display correctly, if you open them from your harddisk. Java scripts cannot be executed, banners (iframes) cannot be loaded and the mouse effects (onmouseover) do not work. HTML Stripper allows you to remove all the HTML codes from a webpage, which are not necessary or useful for local use. You can filter out HTML tags or attributes, replace text and you can alter the picture folders the browsers use according to your needs and preferences.

MaxWebExtract – added 3/16/2006

MaxWebExtract is a small utility with a simple inerface that extracts ftp, http,e-mail, php etc links from files. You can specify what type of links you are looking for, either local or remote.

Easy HTML To Any Script Converter – added 3/14/2006

Easy HTML To Any Script Converter provides fast and easy conversion of HTML Files and HTML Code Blocks pasted from Clipboard to any Script. You can use the existing script generation templates, create your own or edit existing templates directly from program window using the built-in Script Templates Editor. The program works in four different modes, placed on separate tabs of the main window: ‘Single File’, ‘Files List’, ‘Text Block’ and ‘Email to JavaScript’. First three tabs allow to perform the conversion matching to selected mode and the fourth tab is used for email addresses encryption.

CSS Tab Designer – added 3/7/2006

CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required! With our CSS Tab Designer, you can: quickly design your list visually, choose from a variety of styles/colors (currently 45 different designs/colors supported), and generate strict xhtml compliant code.

Free Buttons – added 4/21/2005

Free Buttons creates professional quality images, generates a javascript that interacts with normal, mouseover, and click mouse events for rollover effect, and inserts the menu into your html page in a position you want buttons to appear.

WinSitemap – added 2/28/2006

WinSitemap is the program for Windows with visual interface that is extremely useful, especially if you have a lot of pages or a number of sites. WinSitemap automatically adds new site pages to sitemap, uploads sitemap to your server and submits it to Google. The good thing about the program is that you don’t need to know any technologies like Python, XML, gzip or whatever to use Google’s new service.

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