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Highlight – added 1/31/2006

Highlight is a platform independent program that converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting: coloured output in HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX, XSL-FO and XML format, and supports 100+ programming languages and includes 40 colour themes!

WebSweep – added 12/18/2005

WebSweep is an HTML converter that will take any text file (or related) and it will transform it into a web page ready for web deployment. WebSweep has the possibility to detect and transform all latin, mathematical or other special characters into web entities, that is, into code that will be compatible with any browser and/on any platform.

Template It – added 12/16/2005

Template It allows you to make websites based around a common template, without having to manually open every single HTML page of your site just to change one line. It also allows pages to share replacement strings, which are changed via an INI file.

WebBot – added 12/5/2005

WebBot is a simple application designed to open the default web browser to a user-defined web url on a timer determined by the user. This application is useful if you have a free website that needs a specific number of hits to stay active.

Javascript Vault – added 12/4/2005

The largest offline archive of javascripts you’ll find. Over 700 assorted scripts in 17 categories set up to run straight from your browser. Something for everyone from easy to advanced users. Buttons, menus, graphics, text, redirection, cookies, messages, scrollers, forms and more. Set up in html pages so that you can easily try the scripts without any messy editing. If it ain’t here, then you probably don’t need it.

FAQGenie – added 12/3/2005

FAQGenie is a tool that takes the hassle out of writing and maintaining a FAQ on a website. You simply enter your questions and answers, arrange them according to your preferences, select a suitable layout and with a click you have a professional looking FAQ page.

IE Snapshot ACCALIA – added 11/23/2005

IE Snapshot ACCALIA is a tool to capture web pages as they appear on the user’s monitor. This application can grab almost all webpages and save them in to PDF, JPG, GIF or BMP file format. It fully supports the capturing to PDF files. It captures also background images and the images which are stored inside the style sheets.

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