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Wikiwyg – added 11/12/2005

Wikiwyg is a javascript libray that can be easily integrated into any wiki of blog software. It offers the user multiple ways to edit and view content, such as desgin mode and code editing mode.

HTML Enforcer – added 11/10/2005

HTML Enforcer is a batch tool that will help you to quickly modify all web pages in a site with just a single click: it can replace all <Title> and <meta> tags along the site with your own, lean some unnecessary tags like: <!–DWLayoutTable–>, <!DOCTYPE….>, <!…..>, <custom string>, <style>, and even generate HTML pages from directory listing. Suppose you have 300 files (images, docs, html, mp3…) in a directory and you want to put a link to each file. You don’t need to write 600 html tags. HTML Enforcer will do it for you.

BackLinks Master – added 11/10/2005

BackLinks Master is a free back links checking software that helps you find who is linking to you: if this link direct or goes thru JavaScript and what keywords does it have in anchor text.

ReadableColorGen – added 10/27/2005

ReadableColorGen is a useful Html color generator focused on readability/accessibility of text and background combinations by showing color brightness and contrast. It helps with Html, stylesheet(Css) web design. It has an integrated color picker.

WindowHTML – added 10/25/2005

WindowHTML is an utility to create Window-like HTML pages. In 2 easy steps, it will create neat-looking windows. It doesn’t create html that validates, however it does create quick webpages that work in all browsers. It does what it does by creating an image map tabbed interface for a webpage.

HTML Font Colorizer – added 10/18/2005

HTML Font Colorizer makes it possible to generate font fades on webpages. It calculates the color codes (like #18E700) for creating a line of text that gradually shifts from one color to another. It then creates the proper font parameter tags for you to include on your Web pages. You work from the standard Windows palette and can see the results almost as fast as you can type.

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