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SimpleViewer – added 10/1/2005

SimpleViewer is a customizable Flash image viewing application to use on your site; it has intelligent image pre-loading, and allows one to set text color, frame color and width, navigation position and more.

Client SSI Generator – added 9/29/2005

Client SSI Generator is a complementary tool for web designers and is intended for imitating processing pages by a SSI server on the client side. It may be used in cases there’s no SSI service available on the HTTP server, and higher-level services, such as CGI, ASP or PHP, are also unavailable.

JavaScript Menu Builder – added 9/22/2005

DevMansion JavaScript Menu Builder is a WYSIWYG, lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn tool focused exclusively on client side JavaScript menus creation.

XSite – added 9/8/2005

XSite will load and parse any webpage into a simple structured view for displaying images, email addresses, and all links. Generate a result report that section out all the links, images, and email addresses. Easily grab all images in a web page by downloading them to a local folder. Export lists out to CSV format which makes it easy to push the information into any database.

Web Site Publisher – added 8/24/2005

Web Site Publisher is a tool which will publish (i.e. copy or upload) the web site you develop on your computer to the web. Once your site is on the web you can make changes to the copy on your computer knowing that Web Site Publisher will update to the web just those parts that you have changed. Web Site Publisher is an intelligent FTP publishing tool and can be used to publish any web site that would normally be uploaded using FTP.

XRefHT32 – added 7/26/2005

Assists in human indexing of Web documents. Produces index displays in HTML form, including links to Web documents. Allows for automatic target extraction, target and link insertion, and production of tables of contents in HTML files and insertion of certain other HTML codes in plain text files.

eMenuTree – added 7/9/2005

Make DHTML tree menus that work in all major browsers. With eMenuTree it is fast and easy to make and maintain click-to-open or drop-down tree menus and include them in all your pages. With eMenuTree links are contained in a tree or drop-down menu. If you place this menu in all of your web pages, all your links will be accessible from all of your pages.

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