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0-Code DropDown Menu Builder – added 5/15/2005

0-Code DropDown Menu Builder is easy to use WYSIWYG DropDown Menu creator. With this tool you will create navigation comboboxes in minutes. Just define the items of the dropdown menu, their respective URLs, set color, background or font properties and paste the JavaScript/HTML code into your web page.

Menu Builder – added 5/15/2005

Menu Builder was designed to overcome problems found with using JavaScripts for rollovers in navigation menus. Menu Builder enjoys the same rollover functions as JavaScript, but in a simple package that can be easily copied to your web pages.

NETcruncher – added 5/5/2005

NETcruncher is an HTML compressors, which works by dynamically compressing HTML, JS, and CSS files – typically by up to 25%.

URL Encoder – added 5/4/2005

Do you suspect that your ISP or network administrator is logging the websites you visit? Want to make your sensitive web activity less suspicious? URL Encoder is for you! URL Encoder turns normal web addresses into confusing, obfuscated URLs by replacing the address with HTTP encoded characters.

LookupIP – added 4/16/2005

LookupIP is a Windows tool for replacing numerical IP addresses by the host’s domain name in files (like -> snare.excite.com). It is mainly intended for webmasters who are looking for a fast and convenient way to process the log files of their Web servers.

CSE HTML Validator Lite – added 06/09/2004

Clean up your site with CSE Lite! CSE HTML Validator Lite is an award winning HTML editor and basic HTML syntax checker for Microsoft Windows. It’s also adware and spyware free!

TidyGUI – added 06/09/2004

TidyGUI is a Windows GUI encapsulation of Dave Raggett’s HTML Tidy, a utility application from the World Wide Web Consortium that helps you clean up your web pages.

Absolute Html Compressor – added 2/21/2002

Absolute HTML Compressor is an award-winning tool that optimizes HTML files so that their size reduces. The program doesn’t corrupt most HTML files unlike other optimizers.

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