audio editing

Voice Stress Analyzer Tool – added 11/27/2008

Voice Stress Analyzer Tool provides visual cue to vocal stress deviation from nominal (green) to user settable ’stressed’ tolerance (red). It records, plays back, and saves.

Anvil Studio – added 12/5/2006

Anvil Studio is a free Windows XP/2000/ME/98/95 program designed for people who want to record music with MIDI and Audio equipment, compose music for MIDI and Audio equipment, sequence music with MIDI equipment, or play with music using a computer and sound card.

KRISTAL Audio Engine – added 2/11/2006

KRISTAL Audio Engine is a powerful multi-track recorder, audio sequencer and mixer – ideal for anyone wanting to get started with recording, mixing and mastering digital audio. It is designed as a modular system. The main application provides a mixing console, while the audio sequencer, live audio input and so on are loaded as separate Plug-Ins.

mp4UI – added 12/29/2005

mp4UI is an easy-to-use software for opening, creating and modifying MP4 files. It comes with a nice GUI and among others it lets you import, export, delete and hint tracks, edit properties and metadata and view information.

SoundEngine Free – added 9/18/2005

SoundEngine is a simple 2ch wave edit application software for mastering and track/sample editing.

Encounter2003 – added 8/27/2005

Encounter2003 is the first and only fully multithreaded sound editor in the windows world today. Load files and work on files while other filters are still running in the background. Encounter2003 also features the EncounterExtension plug-in architecture, which works similarly to plug-in architectures that are know in the graphic world for years. Encounter2003 can add functionality directly via it’s web plug-in.

Tu2 – added 8/24/2005

Tu2 is a phrase sampler which means it will make music and sound out of samples you feed it. Don’t expect it to generate a cheesy prefab dance track for you. There are other tools out there that are much better at being cheesy. With Tuareg 2 YOU are still the musician. Tu2 will stack samples, loops and soundbites for you. You can slice ‘n dice them, mutilate them, filter them, remix them, put effects over them and while you’re at it you have the freedom to put your own personal sonic sauce over the outcome.

MediaJoin – added 6/8/2005

MediaJoin is software that enables you to easily join (combine) all popular audio and video formats into a single merged audio or video file. Formats supported include MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and WMV. Optionally include audio tag information for combined output audio files. Settings are available for bitrate, frequency, channels, VBR, and WMA profile for audio files; and AVI audio and video codec, MPEG bitrate, frame rate, size, and WMV profile for video files, providing complete output control.

Ots Cd Scratch 1200 – added 12/1/2002

CD Scratch is a funky and incredibly fun ‘Virtual Turntables CD Player’ performing the seemingly impossible… Play two songs from the same CD at the same time – one forwards and one in reverse! Scratch a CD track back and forth like a record, or listen to your favorite CD automatically mixed between the turntables. DJ your next party like a pro, or enjoy the optional warm vinyl-crackle ambience on your latest CD.

Audacity – added 3/11/2004

Audacity is an editor that can record sounds, play sounds, import and export WAV, AIFF, MP3, and Ogg files, and more. Use it to edit your sounds using cut, copy, and paste (with unlimited undo), mix tracks together, or apply effects to your recordings.It also has a built-in amplitude envelope editor, a customizable spectrogram mode, and a frequency analysis window for audio analysis applications. Built-in effects include Bass Boost, Wahwah, and Noise Removal, and it also supports VST plug-in effects. This program is open-source. This version adds tool tips, keyboard shortcuts, and Ogg exporting, and fixes some bugs.

Free Wave Editor – added 5/17/2003

Wave Editor is an advanced WAV file editor with many features. You can open, play, create and save WAV files, record via a microphone (or other input device) and more.

SoundEditor – added 12/5/2004

SoundEditor is a sound editor used to edit, filter and modify sound files.

Mp3trim – added 1/23/2004

mp3Trim is a simple and easy to use MP3 editor. Its main advantage is that it works directly in the MP3 format without having to decode/re-encode, so it is fast and doesn t degrade the music quality. The program allows you to trim the parts that you want to discard, adjust the volume – either manually or automatically using the normalization feature.

mpTrim – added 2/18/2005

mpTrim is a simple and easy to use MP3 editor. Use it to clean-up and improve your MP3 collection by removing the silence or unwanted parts.