audio players

OrangeCD Player – added 3/23/2004

OrangeCD Player is a classic tray-based CD player, featuring a complete set of playback functions, including programmed and random play, and a smart retain-position function (even if you restart your computer every ten minutes, you don t have to listen the first track over and over). It is designed to take as little desktop space as possible.

DeliPlayer – added 1/4/2004

DeliPlayer is a multi format audio player for Windows. It plays all sorts of music, modules and samples with high quality, while providing a powerful but easy to use user interface.

Neutrius – added 1/17/2004

Neutrius is an mp3 and audio player that can snap to the side of your screen. It uses very little system resources and will not slow down your system unlike many other mp3 players. Neutrius includes no options for visualizations as it is not necessary.

Billy – added 6/22/2004

Billy is an audio player that allows you to quickly play an entire directory of MP3 files. It can usually load files 2 to 8 times faster than winamp or media player. Billy plays music albums without any gaps between tracks, so an overlapping applause or beat will continue. The player is 100% controllable by keyboard and its easy finder and special rename functions help you to find and organize your files quickly.

Vibe Streamer – added 7/25/2006

Vibe Streamer is a free MP3 streaming server that allows you to connect and stream your music using only a standard web browser. – Play your music anywhere!

MediaPortal – added 6/18/2005

MediaPortal turns your PC in a very advanced Multi-Media Center / HTPC. It allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch your video’s and DVD’s, view, schedule and record live TV and much more. You get Media Portal for free/nothing/nada/nopes and best of all it is opensource. This means anyone can help developing Media Portal or tweak it for their own needs.

Deejaysystem – added 4/5/2005

Deejaysystem is a series of digital audio player applications designed specially to cover the needs of professional disc-jockeys during live sessions. In a nutshell, Deejaysystem players are a plain, precise and reliable emulation of real DJ-CD players.

Ashampoo Media Player+ – added 12/1/2002

Burn your playlists to CD with just two clicks. Ashampoo Media Player comes with plug-ins for more than 20 major audio and video formats, and can support many more with standard Windows codecs. It includes support for MP1, MP2, MP3, Unreal Engine audio files, DirectShow, MCI, MOD (12 formats), WAV, AVI, and Ogg Vorbis audio files. It features dynamic playlists, online folders, files, and more. New and improved version 1.80: An integrated news system can keep you updated now (only if you like) when new skins, plugins, etc are released.

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